How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!
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The trampoline park is still a hot investment project in the eyes of investors. It has gradually developed into small cities. Because trampoline investment is not a small capital sale, investors tend to think twice and shop around. There are also many doubts in this process that need to be answered. What is the problem? How to solve it? Let's talk about it today.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

01 Analysis of the development prospects of trampoline park

The development trend of trampoline in China

From the market data of the trampoline industry, after the spread and popularization of the trampoline movement in the past few years, the trampoline park joined the outbreak of venture capital, and the production process and level of the trampoline manufacturers also made great progress.

In 2015-2018, there are more than 3,000 conservative markets in the trampoline park. The first-tier cities have become saturated and expanded to the second and third-tier cities. According to the statistics of the first half of 2018, the trampoline venues nationwide increased by 34.53%. It is expected that the scale of the national trampoline pavilion will increase in the second half of the year. These data all indicate that the trampoline movement has been widely spread in China, and the prospect of joining the trampoline park is favored by many entrepreneurial investors. The development trend of the Chinese trampoline theme park in 2019 may be unstoppable. How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!Strong social background

We all know that children's money is the best to earn. In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, parents are more open to the consumption of children, "1 + 2 + 4" modern The role of the family model (ie, four elderly people, a couple, and one child) in the future Chinese market will also become more and more obvious. Children's consumption accounts for more than 33% of total household consumption.

With the implementation of the national second-child policy, the estimated annual birth population is estimated to be between 6 million and 7 million. In addition to the current annual birth population of about 16 million, the annual birth population peaks at about 22 million. A huge business opportunity. business backgroundHow to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

The trampoline originated in Europe and America and developed into a sports sport. With the success of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, He Wenna won the first gold medal for China. The trampoline began to pay attention to the domestic public. After years of development and introduction, it has been popular in Europe and America. The trampoline park began to bloom everywhere in the country, and the domestic trampoline movement gradually became popular, and the industry development momentum was fierce.

market background

Trampoline parks are popular in the United States and Australia, but are the latest trends in Asia and China, a new type of indoor trampoline amusement.

Both adults and children can fully relax their body and mood. Through the trampoline for various sports and games, it is estimated that 95% of the visitors will be playing the trampoline for the first time. There are various trampolines and trampolines in the experience. The performances, the stimulating bounce experience and the broad age group are increasingly favored by people of all ages.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

The halo of the trampoline is interesting: no matter adults or children, love and love are natural, and the pleasure brought by the body will be exciting. Diversification: The diversified gameplay of trampoline is also the highlight of successful transformation. It is no longer boring. It is integrated into basketball, football, squash, obstacles, etc. For young children, it will also be expanded, naughty, rock climbing, etc. The rest area can also host birthdays. Meetings, large events, it is more like the trampoline version of Disney. Sportiness: The trampoline is a comprehensive capacity development project. According to foreign research, children should engage in multi-project sports before the age of 12, and the development of a balanced body during this time period is very important. In summary, the trampoline park has a wide audience and is not limited by age. It is suitable for people aged below 3 to 60 years old. It is especially popular among young people seeking excitement. It is a new landmark for young people and a new fitness club. Investing in trampoline parks with high rate of return, profitability, and diversified profit channels (tickets + membership cards + products + events + group building + training courses + cross-sectors + birthday parties, etc.; as well as store festivals, foreign investment and other exhibitions, Advertising, and a series of profit models for external services). Combine the above kinds of money to earn money to watch the store planning!

02 What preparations do I need to invest in a trampoline park?

To invest in a trampoline park, you first need to be well prepared. Such as: funds, venues, understanding trampoline projects, looking for suitable manufacturers. Then you can design the plan, determine the plan, enter the production, run the business license and other matters related to the opening.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

First, how much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park? The trampoline venue project is customized according to customer needs and venues. Since each customer's needs are different and the venues are different, the customization will be different, so it is necessary to determine the final plan to have an actual offer. However, the cost of the customer's investment in the trampoline hall is the following: site rent + renovation costs + hardware equipment + trampoline equipment + other expenses (such as employee wages). Second, how to choose a venue for investing in a trampoline park? 1 According to the resident population within 5 km, you can determine the venue for the investment. 2 Indoor and outdoor venues: rules, leveling, and obstacles as little as possible 3 Children's venues: The net height requirement of the venue is more than 4 meters; Adult venues: The net height requirement of the venue is 5 Above the meter (not subject to age restrictions). If you want some high-altitude projects without restrictions, generally the net height of 8 meters or more can not limit the project, and the higher the height, the better the effect.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

Again, is the trampoline park a good place to join? Still looking for manufacturers directly? Is it good to join the factory? Each has it's own benefits! Look at personal preferences. Brand joining from the pre-planning, medium-term equipment, post-operational one-stop service, this is a more worry-free choice for a blind trampoline investor, and the brand effect will be more attractive, may bring some additional benefits . However, the franchise board is similar to the same, the sub-board copy master, it can be said that the routine is basically the same, the calculation is uniform, but not necessarily in line with the local situation of the investor, and the joining fee is high, not bad money can be freely invested. If you are a down-to-earth entrepreneur, it is advisable to find a large professional trampoline manufacturer. 1 You can save an initial fee. After all, you have limited funds in the startup stage. 2 You can find every step of the manufacturer. 3 The large-scale professional trampoline manufacturers have been able to provide a very comprehensive service. The equipment is basic. The early support entrepreneurs choose the site to plan, produce and install, as well as the staff training, operation guidance and after-sales support services before the opening. Can serve every entrepreneur.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

Finally, what kind of entertainment can the trampoline park do? 1. Free trampoline area + 2. Professional trampoline area + 3. Slam dunk area + 3. Dodge ball area + 4. Rainbow net + 5. Climbing wall + 6. Spider tower / Melaleuca leak + 7. Spider wall / sticky Wall +8.T wall +9. Colorful trampoline +10. Cyclone trampoline +11. Art trampoline +12. Naughty castle +13. Devil slide +14. Dry snow slide +15. Three slides +16.U type slide +17.EPP building block +18.Expanding area +19. Labyrinth trampoline +20.Strop area +21. Foot foot +22.Million ocean ball pool +23. Joint confrontation +24. Running water track +25. Net red Bridge +26. Third-level platform +27. Fighting stick +28. Bullfighting +29. Jumping table +30. Barrier wall +31. Plum pile 32. Volleyball area +33.V type trampoline +34. Boss +35. Swing Pool +36. Projection trampoline... Of course, there are many fun and interesting projects in the trampoline hall.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

03 How to operate a trampoline park?

For trampoline park investors, traffic and popularity are the magic weapon to make money! So how do you go about doing business? 1Select a good venue location 2 According to the venue and local people's preferences, choose a new and unique trampoline amusement project, and make your own special trampoline paradise. 3 The unique decoration style that meets the characteristics of the trampoline paradise 4 The membership card marketing strategy locks the old customers. Improve the consumption frequency of players entering the trampoline park. 5 Promotions are in place: the promotion channels combined with online and offline to improve the exposure of the trampoline park. Online: US Mission, Public Comment, WeChat public account, self-media, maternal and child exchange group, parent-child portal website, etc.; offline: store promotion, holiday activities, parent-child activities, etc. So, how long can you return to this? For the trampoline project, its return rate should be the highest among all the projects. The profit model of the trampoline park is: 1 ticket + 2 membership card + 3 birthday party + 4 with product income + 5 group building activities + 6 courses training +7 catering According to market research and analysis, the average return period is half a year to one year. However, depending on the level of regional and economic development, actual investment and revenue require specific analysis of specific issues. In addition, the following aspects must be paid attention to in the operation of trampoline: 1 dangerous goods are forbidden to enter the hospital, safety first! 2 Keep the environment in the pavilion comfortable and clean (summer air conditioner must be open) 3 Match the suitable coach according to the size of the venue to ensure the safety of the park players 4 Regular maintenance of the trampoline equipment (such as: whether the steel frame screws are loose) and disinfection (After disinfection, it is open for business) 5 Before the business, check whether the equipment in the hall is smooth and flat, and ensure that the child can touch the place safely. 6 Make a small sign for each project's precautions and hang it in a conspicuous position of the corresponding project! 7 Control the flow of passengers in the trampoline park, remember to put all the brains in, causing the crowd in the park to cause customer dissatisfaction or cause a safety accident.

How to start a business in the trampoline park? look here!

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