Childrens Paradise "Children + Culture" to achieve a new profit model
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2019-08-17 15:24:41
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Everyone has seen the tremendous energy of children's consumption, as well as the driving of family consumption. Throughout the children's business categories in major shopping malls, they have rapidly expanded to children and children's occupations from single-level pure entertainment children's paradise such as naughty castles and bumper cars. Experiences, children's education, children's dining, children's photography, maternal and child services, VR experience, theme museums and other business areas are expanding, and the types tend to be diversified. The rich children's format connects the entire consumer chain of maternal and child, parenting, early education, entertainment, and service. While meeting the needs of children, it is also constructing a new scene for family to share the joy of family.

The size of the children’s theme business is huge.

Take the hot children's professional experience museum as an example. From concept to attraction to children, it is a very good format. However, with the convergence of the same industry, consumers are no longer fresh, and the pressure of innovation has increased, which eventually led to the closure of several children's brand institutions. To avoid the homogenization of children's theme business, it is the direction to create quality products.

For example, Shenzhen Jiufang Shopping Center has become the first parent-child reading bookstore in Shenzhen by introducing children's aviation experience museum, children's radio electronics center, parent-child flower house, parent-child theme bookstore, etc.; Beijing Blue Harbor, offering a self-pregnant mother Series of clothing, supplies, food and health products, toys, early education, YUYUTO children's play, children's dining, sports experience. Through the multi-disciplinary combination of professional children's store + play experience + children's photography + children's training + catering + maternal and child supermarket + toy store, it is the one-stop children's city with the largest volume and richest business in Beijing; Xi'an Zhengrong Rainbow Valley Project, Not only has it created a commercial theme for pregnant women and children in Xi'an, but also combined with the Northwest Women's and Children's Hospital, for the pregnant and child industry, planning the matching products and formats of commercial loft, Yuezi club, boutique hotel, etc. To create a 'business-industry-entrepreneurship' platform with the concept of a pregnant business theme business.

Childrens Paradise "Children + Culture" to achieve a new profit model

How do children's formats and cultures interpret new profit models?

The most important core of the development of children's cultural industry is its cultural context. The children's theme park has its own unique cultural characteristics with the concept of “upward, good, and advocating nature”. Through the children's cultural tourism creative industry, a new way of business innovation has been achieved, and a new profit model has been realized through experiential consumption.

Nowadays, with the increasing proportion of people spending out on dining, socializing in travel, and cultural and entertainment expenses, the entertainment industry with the characteristics of Wenchuang and the experiential business that enhances interaction with consumers have become the focus of business development. Children's business has been in first- and second-tier cities for many years, and there are still a lot of room for development in third- and fourth-tier cities. Many chain institutions carrying children's business will usher in a new round of cruel development.

Childrens Paradise "Children + Culture" to achieve a new profit model

More physical businesses increase children's business

The newly added children's consumption formats of physical businesses can be divided into two categories: outdoor play projects and indoor theme parks. Not only shopping malls, but also supermarkets have begun to get involved in children's business. In the past, a single children's business based on children's wear sales is expanding into experience areas such as children's play and children's photography. At the same time, more and more fashion and leisure brands in the mall have begun to have children's consumption. Children's clothing has spread from children's wear to ladies' and leisure stadiums in a parent-child manner... Children's theme is becoming the new main store of the shopping center. And the driving power of family-style consumption has gradually become a new way for shopping malls to differentiate their operations and enhance their competitiveness.

The potential of the children's market is great, because children can also drive the spending power of their parents. The “1+2+4” modern family model will play an increasingly important role in the future Chinese market. Bring higher added value to the shopping center. At present, the competition in domestic shopping malls is fierce, and the phenomenon of homogenization is serious. Shopping centers must seek out the characteristics of breakthroughs, and they must focus on the children's consumption field that can bring added value and the highest proportion of household expenditures. From the market feedback point of view, because the children's theme can gather a large number of customers together in a concentrated time, its radiation ability is far stronger than the average adult format, the scope of radiation is deeper and wider, and the benefits brought to the shopping center are even better. obvious.

Childrens Paradise "Children + Culture" to achieve a new profit model

Today, experiential children's formats are also diverse, including children's entertainment, education, shopping and more. But in fact, because this kind of children's business emphasizes the customer's experience, the customer's experience is not static, which requires the merchant to continuously innovate. The characteristics of the experiential children's format are not only the innovations in its facilities and investment promotion, but also the colorful activities.

Shopping center's "engine"

It is undeniable that the experiential children's format has brought a lot of passengers to the shopping center and is one of its business pillars. But this does not mean that the children's business can be regarded as a lifeline for shopping malls. If blindly only the theme of children's business, then many failed children's theme stores are the lessons of the past.

The children's format is the icing on the cake because it can shorten the incubation period of the shopping center and drive other commercial formats. Experience-based children's business has a long payback period and high operational ability. It is better to rely on children's business to make money than to make money from children's business.

Childrens Paradise "Children + Culture" to achieve a new profit model

In summary, China's children and adolescents have a large population, especially due to the expectation of a comprehensive second child. The indoor children's amusement park industry will usher in explosive growth. Indoor children's amusement park enterprises should combine the market and meet the children's cultural and entertainment needs. It is best to combine education and entertainment effectively.

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