How can a successful playground use the ticket machine to increase the entire income?
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2019-08-03 17:31:58
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As the ticket machine gradually became the engine of venue revenue growth, many venues increased the ticket machine as an important direction for the upgrade, but the ticket machine itself has a large operational difficulty, and many venues do not have the ticket machine. The business method, after adding the ticket machine, did not achieve the expected increase in revenue.


Market needs

Why is this happening? On the one hand, it is because of the large number of children's playgrounds opened in the past few years. Because of the single operation project, the project covers a large area and the income is small. Today, because of the intensified competition, the cost rises, the operation is difficult, and it is urgent to upgrade to suit the size of a family. The integrated playground, and the ticket machine has stronger profitability than other models, and has become an important project for many venue upgrades. On the other hand, there is now a very obvious phenomenon. Among the customers in the playground, the middle-aged and elderly groups are growing rapidly. This group has more free time and the consumption power is also rapidly improved. The ticket machine is the favorite of this group. model.


2. Business needs

However, the ticket machine is a kind of machine that is difficult to operate. Different from other models, there are mature business methods. The lottery machine has not found effective management methods for many venues. Lottery machines for many venues. Management is still not ideal.

So, from the perspective of a site system developer, share with you how to increase the revenue of the ticket machine.

2.How to attracts guests

1. Game: First of all, the ticket machine attracts the guests is her game, the game is fun, let the guests like it, this machine will be played by someone.

2. Prize: Then, because the game of the ticket machine is generally simple and easy to use, but her viscosity is also low, in this case, the ticket is needed to increase the fun and viscosity.

3. Gifts: At the beginning, guests will be happy to see the winning lottery and will not consider the value represented by the lottery. But to truly let the guests experience the fun of the game, and to maintain the guests' long-term interest in the game, it is necessary to use the gift to reflect the value of the prize, and let the guest experience the sense of achievement of the game through the gift. 

3.Increase earnings

1. Select the machine

First of all, to choose the game machine that suits the needs of the guests, the right choice of the game machine is the basis of success.

Different guests like different machines, such as children, young people, the elderly, a group of people who play together and interact with each other, and the favorite ticket machines are different.


2. Optimize the ticketing rate and the effect of ticketing

Different guests have different feelings about the number of tickets issued. Smaller children are not sensitive to the number of tickets issued. They are happy to see the tickets, but adult guests, especially those who have played for a long time, are more sensitive to the number of tickets. Therefore, for different guests, set an attractive ticketing plan. In addition, the effect of ticketing is also very important, such as the sound effect at the time of ticketing, seeing the appearance of the physical lottery, etc., also helps to increase the excitement of the guests.


3. Provide more attractive gifts

Can you use the gift to reflect the value of the prize ticket, and finally you can realize the interest of the guest to play the ticket machine by the gift, which is the key to whether the venue can achieve high revenue for the ticket machine.

First of all, the variety and quality of gifts can meet the needs of different guests.

For example, a child has no concept of votes, so the number of votes is not much, but when he leaves, if he can take a small gift, he will be very happy and think that this is an encouragement to him. Therefore, some low-cost and novelty gadgets can give them satisfaction.

Some new guests are unfamiliar with the game, so he won't get a lot of votes. If he can change a gift with a small number of tickets, it will also help him to keep his interest in playing games.

And some experienced players have long play time, accumulated more votes, and have exchanged many gifts. The general boutiques and decorations are not attractive to him, but they are very important guests of our venue because they Consumers are relatively high. They may need more products such as home appliances and electronic products. This poses the biggest challenge to the venue. To achieve high revenues, we must meet their needs.

How can a successful playground use the ticket machine to increase the entire income?

At the same time, the display and redemption of gifts is also very important. All high-paying venues attach great importance to gift display. Generally, they will adopt an open display, allowing guests to get close contact with gifts. The display racks are exquisitely made and the lights are bright. The gift placement is also very particular, and some also have an atmosphere decoration, so that guests are very convenient and quick when choosing gifts.


4. Marketing skills

The above three points are hard indicators. If the venues do all these three things well, the revenue of the venue ticket machine will be guaranteed. But to achieve higher revenues, you need some more advanced skills. For the same machine, high ticket yields and high gift returns can often lead to high revenues, but these are costly. When the limits are exceeded, the profits will fall.

But we have to understand that guests come to entertain rather than make money. What he needs is an entertainment experience, not a gift. Therefore, we can take various measures to provide a better entertainment experience and create more profits at the same cost.

Our goal is to attract more new guests to play games, then train his interest, constantly increase his consumption, and finally, form a viscosity, so that guests have a long-term interest.


Tip One, we have to create a good atmosphere. A strong atmosphere is created through the decoration, gifts and machine settings. Organizing competitions is the easiest and most effective activity. Whether it is the same type of ticketing competition or the whole ticketing list, it is easy to create a good atmosphere and significantly increase the revenue of the machine. In addition, for the coin-operated discount of a specific machine, temporarily increase the ticketing rate, set the coin/voucher egg, launch a limited gift, etc., and also create a hot spot to drive the atmosphere of playing games.


Tip 2, we have to create a topic. Compared to getting tickets and gifts, the more a sense of accomplishment is to make him feel stronger or more fortunate than others, so we can use some of the gaming machine's grand prize function to create a topic, when everyone is paying attention to who can finally win the grand prize. At the time, the revenue of the machine has been greatly improved.

Tip 3, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the guest community. The playground is not only a place to play games, but also a place for communication. If the guests can interact well during the game, the entertainment experience can be further improved. For some adult guests, people who often play together will even form a circle of friends. Sometimes they come to the playground mainly to meet and chat, which is more obvious in the fast-growing middle-aged and elderly customers. . Therefore, in the layout of the machine, the organization of the event, we must let the same kind of guests get together and create an environment conducive to their interaction, and promote their good interaction. If the group of guests is well maintained, the guests will become loyal customers, and at the same time, marketing is more efficient for each group.

4.Use Management system

1. Increase the amount of single customer spending and ticketing experience through the ticket machine chuck

First of all, the coin-operating operation is made simpler by the card holder. When the button is clicked, the player will vote for one game. The customer does not have to pay for the coin, and the player can invest more when chasing the ticket. At the same time, he will unknowingly invest more coins.

You will find that when you chase the grand prize, you are even more reluctant to stop. At this time, if his currency is used up, he will go to the counter to buy coins, and his mood will be lower. When he returns, if the machine is occupied by others. The grand prize was played out to others, and the mood was even worse. Even if there was a bit, his interest was greatly reduced. In response to this problem, we have done so that customers can recharge directly with their mobile phones, and they can continue to play without pulling out the cards.


In the ticketing experience, although our card supports electronic deposit, we do not advocate the cancellation of the physical ticket, because for most of the guests, the physical ticket can increase their sense of accomplishment, but also increase the chase of the entire venue. The atmosphere of the prize ticket stimulates the guests' desire to play the machine.

However, for some guests who have played for a long time and have high consumption, the physical ticket has become a burden, because they have been playing for a long time, and they do not need to see the physical ticket to feel the sense of accomplishment or excitement. The ticket amount is large. When playing the game, you have to pay attention to the ticket. If there is a card ticket or the ticket is over, you have to go to the waiter to handle it. After playing the game, you have to queue up for the ticket. These have lowered him. Experience.

For this part of the guests, we recommend that they use electronic deposit. Because if you don't solve these problems, it will affect the fun of playing games. Therefore, the combination of the two methods of depositing tickets can solve the different needs of different guests at different stages of the guest's play. To provide guests with the right choice of ticketing methods, you can improve your ticketing experience.

How can a successful playground use the ticket machine to increase the entire income?

Now, in order to let the venue better handle the choice of ticketing methods, we have also added the ticketing mode mandatory setting function. When the guest just opened the card, the system always forced the guest to place a physical ticket and cultivated his interest in the ticket. Then, we saw that the guest had played for some days and the amount of tickets was very large. We only considered opening the electronic deposit of the guest. The ticket function allows him to further improve the ticketing experience.

Finally, the number of guests using electronic deposits may only be a small part, but because they have a large amount of tickets, the majority of the venues use the electronic ticket to win the majority of the votes, which can also greatly reduce the cost of the ticket. Reduce the pressure on the ticket machine and support further increase the number of tickets issued by the machine to enhance the competitiveness of the venue.

How can a successful playground use the ticket machine to increase the entire income?

2. Gift platform offers more gift selection and better redemption experience

Two years ago, some customers with better ticket machines had asked me a question. They successfully promoted the revenue of the machine through the promotion of gifts, but they encountered a bottleneck and revenue on the site. A very important part of high-spending customers, if they want to keep the gifts attractive, they must provide them with more and more practical gifts, but in this way, their gift cabinets are not big enough, and at the same time, the variety of gifts increases, resulting in The procurement, warehousing, backlog and after-sale costs of the site have increased substantially, and basically the profits from the resulting revenue growth have been eaten.

In order to solve this problem, I thought of introducing e-commerce to the playground and adding a gift cabinet that does not occupy the place and does not occupy funds. This is the gift exchange platform that we are now launching. Customers can directly select the goods provided by Jingdong on the self-service machine or mobile phone. After redemption with the prize ticket, it will directly become the order of Jingdong, and will be shipped by Jingdong and responsible for after-sales service.

How can a successful playground use the ticket machine to increase the entire income?

When designing this platform, she did not intend to replace the gift cabinets on the venue. I think the gift cabinets on the venue are very important and indispensable. Because the display of the real thing is more irritating to people, and a good gift cabinet can also help the venue create a better atmosphere. In addition, for some children or new customers, let them take the gifts away to make them feel more excited. If you cancel the gift cabinet on the spot, it will definitely affect the revenue of the machine.

3. Support various marketing activities

Our system can also support venues to organize various machine promotion activities, such as ticketing competitions, coin-operated / prize-winning eggs, etc. Through the support of the system, the activities can be more exciting and the organization cost is lower.


4. Optimize management through data analysis

Our system can record the coin-operated and ticket-issuing of the ticket machine in detail. These data can help us analyze the behavior of the machine and the guests and provide a strong basis for optimizing the operation.

You can even analyze the behavior of the guests based on the collected data, understand what machines you prefer to play, what time period you like, and then you can observe different promotions, the impact on the machine and guests, and more complex law. The guests of each venue have their own personalities. Each machine has its own personality. We can manage our character once we have mastered their character.

Here are some examples:

The placement of the machine. Everyone knows that some easy-to-use, low-viscosity machines should be placed in places with high pedestrian flow, while deep-depth, high-viscosity machines should be placed in relatively quiet places, but where should each machine be placed? Which machines are to be put together? This different person may have different understandings, but through data analysis, we can have a more accurate understanding.

The configuration of the machine. I believe that many operators have this kind of experience. I saw that there is a kind of machine that has good revenue in other venues. I bought several units and returned. I found that there was a good revenue, but I observed it and found the whole game. The revenue of the lottery machine did not increase. It turned out that these machines only diverted customers from other machines, but did not increase the number of guests and single customers. If we have data analysis, we can avoid this mistake if we have a clearer understanding of the composition of the guests and the composition of the machine.

We also have a customer who will combine different types of machines into multiple spaces, allowing different guests to gather together to form different customer groups. In each space, one or two tickets are deliberately arranged. High, often award-winning machines, used to create hot spots, gather popularity, and thus drive the income of the entire space of the machine, this method is very effective overall, but after using our system, we found some hot spots Taiwan’s popularity through loss-making operations is not sufficiently related to the income of other machines. Even the increased income is not enough to offset the losses of hot-spot machines. Therefore, they have adjusted these hot-spot machines. I saw an improvement in revenue.

In short, compared to other models, the operation of the ticket machine is more complicated and more difficult, but the space for improving profits is also greater, and it is worth investing more energy to study.

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