How to repair children's toy swing car
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2018-04-12 10:22:50
shikewei    2018-04-12 10:26:12

How to repair children's toy swing car? First of all, what are the common problems with your swing car?

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1. After the power is plugged in, the swing machine cannot move and no reaction occurs.

Solution: If your power supply is normal, the indicator light of the swing car controller is lit. Exclude it by following the instructions below. (1) When the switch of the coin swinger of the toy swinging car falls off, then the switch line of the coin acceptor is re-inserted; (2) The coin comes out of the swinging car and cannot be dropped into the money box, then the coin adjuster is adjusted On the coin channel, the size can only pass one coin distance (up and down), or change the coin acceptor; (3) The angle of the iron wire on the coin switch of the swing car is not correct, the coin cannot hit the iron wire, then the iron wire is corrected Let the coins hit the wire. (4) The controller of the swinging machine is burned out, then after the two lines on the coin switch are directly collided, the swinging machine still cannot work, and the controller is broken, and replacement of the controller can solve the problem. (5) The roll-operated coin switch cannot work. Hand-push the wire, and you cannot hear the “click” sound. Then the coin switch of the swing car is bad, and the internal short circuit is caused. Replace the coin switch.

How to repair children's toy swing car?

2. After plugging in the power, the swing car starts working.

Solution: (1) Swing car coin switch head contact, short circuit. Then separate the swing car switch line and do not touch it. (2) The coin switch of the swing car is bad, then the coin switch is bad, and the internal short circuit is caused, and the coin switch is replaced. (3) Swing car coin switch wire wrapped around the wire, then the swing car coin switch line should come out from the right, can not entanglement of wire. (4) If the swing car controller burns out, replace or repair the swing machine controller.

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