The background and development status you must know when running an indoor children's park
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2018-04-11 09:49:47
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Indoor children's playgrounds are very popular today. Every holiday, indoor children's playgrounds become a place for adults and children. What are the reasons and what kind of background makes children's playgrounds so hot?

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1. Policy Background

       With the development of China’s national economy and the full liberalization of the two-child policy, China’s children’s population has ushered in a period of great growth, adding 20 million people each year. It is expected that the population of children aged 0-14 will exceed 300 million by 2020. Therefore, the consumer market for children is a very promising sunrise industry.


2. Home background

       Nowadays, families are basically child-centered. The "6+1" family model is becoming the mainstream family structure in China. Children have gradually become the core of family consumption. Every child's arrival will have 2 - 6 adults to accompany, the child has a remote control where to go for the weekend.


3. Family consumption background

       According to relevant survey results, the proportion of children’s consumption in household spending in China continues to increase, and youth’s consumption is the core of the entire family. In urban areas, 90% of households’ households’ spending on children accounts for 30-50% of household expenditures. 4 % of households are as high as 70%, and increase at a rate of more than 9% per year. The super-consumption intention of the new generation of mothers will be placed on their own baby, and the baby's consumption potential will be greatly improved.


4. Children's activities background

       Now that Chinese children are under pressure to go to school, the schoolwork burden is very heavy. In addition to attending school and the arduous after-school work burden, the various interests and cram schools packed with weekends and holidays are even depriving children of their only childhood. With such a high-intensity rhythm of education, children's free time is again occupied by electronic products. Parents do not want children to be comfortable with the Internet and television. They hope that their children will get physical exercise, get partner assistance, and get education. Joseph Cornell once said: “In nature, joy and joyful insights and experiences are inspire: This is a childhood memory that we have always treasured throughout our lives.” So experiencing the economy is the main force of families with children.


5. Changes in shopping malls

       In recent years, traditional businesses have been hit by electricity suppliers. According to the survey, shopping centers have shrunk by 25%, while the share of entertainment and catering markets has been increasing. The overall format of shopping malls is changing. Children's entertainment will become one of the important formats of the mall. The layout of children's business will drive the popularity of the entire commercial center. As a result, the consumption of commercial centers will be promoted so that the investment will bring benefits. The development of large-scale commercial supermarkets by colleagues has provided an opportunity for the development of indoor children's playgrounds. Indoor children's playgrounds have sprung up and are blooming everywhere in large and medium-sized cities in China. The prospects for indoor children's playgrounds are endless!

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