The children's theme park is really hot. How do you want to invest?
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2019-06-26 16:21:43
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The children's theme park is really hot. How do you want to invest?

The two-child policy has been fully liberalized, and more investors are focusing on child-related industries. According to the statistics of Ruiyide, the proportion of children's business area to shopping centers has increased rapidly from less than 5% in 2011 to more than 15% now. According to Ruiyide's monitoring data of 42 key cities across the country, the children's amusement park brand has been highly concerned and has maintained a stable development trend.

The reporter also found that almost all of Guangzhou's large shopping centers have children's theme parks, and many investors are optimistic about the development of children's theme parks. However, with the entry of more and more investors, children's theme parks are also facing the test of homogenization and operational capabilities.

A Investment in Children's Paradise is the first choice for venture capital investment

At present, Guangzhou's well-known children's theme parks include Zhou Ba Town, Xiao Q Children's City, You You Tang, Meland Children's Growth Park, etc., ranging from 600 square meters to 10,000 square meters.

Most of these children's theme parks are located in shopping centers, and a small number of places are concentrated in the community. The farther away from the city center, the larger the area. These children's theme parks are popular with young family of three and are often full of passengers on weekends.

A number of shopping center related persons said that the children's theme park can enrich the shopping malls, attract family-style consumption, and promote food and beverage consumption, female consumption, etc., so it is very popular among shopping centers.

Some insiders told the reporter that with the improvement of the awareness of young parents, the children's theme park has gradually gained attention to the mental health of children, and the children's theme park has won the market in this context. Coupled with the full liberalization of the two-child policy, the children's industry is the slogan. Children's theme parks, as a relatively low threshold and highly popular project, have become the first choice for many entrepreneurial investors. It is expected that a market of 100 billion yuan will be generated each year in the next decade.

"My initial heart is very simple, that is, to change the learning habits and hobbies of the children of three kilometers." Mr. Lin, the person in charge of the Lego Children's Theme Park in Lefeng Square, told reporters that he had engaged in education and learned about Lego. Children have a better educational role and are optimistic about the development potential of children's theme parks. Therefore, they choose to be “sticky babe”. The brand has a 13-year history and currently has 228 chain stores nationwide. He introduced that the theme park cultivates children's hands-on and creativity through LEGO and robots.

B The amount of investment depends on the size of the project and the theme, etc.

Although many investors are interested in children's theme parks, they all think that the investment amount is high and they do not want to know more. But in fact, the investment cost of children's theme parks depends on factors such as scale, indoor or outdoor, and the required amusement facilities. The investment in the previous period is very common, but there are also projects that can be accessed by hundreds of thousands of yuan.

The Xiao Q Children's City Olympic Sports Store is an example of a large-scale children's theme park. It has an outdoor playground of 10,000 square meters and an indoor children's shopping center of 15,000 square meters. The amusement program is very rich, including AEON Molly Fantasy Park, Ha Children's Sports Park, FUN Paradise, children's indoor trampoline, etc. Attract children's groups through a variety of rides and scale effects.

Industry insiders told reporters that such a children's theme park is large in scale and has many outdoor amusement projects. The cost of procurement and maintenance of facilities and labor costs are relatively high, making it difficult for investors to enter.

Some topics are limited in size, such as baking, Lego and other theme parks are relatively low cost. Mr. Lin introduced that the initial investment of “Big Barbee” is 1.5 million yuan, including joining, decoration, marketing, marketing, environmental construction and advertising design. Because LEGO equipment is less wearable, it can take about ten years to invest in a hundred thousand.

In terms of fees, parks with the theme of training and quality education are generally charged according to the amount of courses. At present, the "Big Bangbei" class is about 150 to 200 yuan. There are now two hundred to three hundred students, and about fifty or sixty students come to class every day. “The current operation is good. It has been almost back in the past year or so.” The amusement-themed paradise is mainly charged through amusement projects. Different rides have different charging standards.

The children's theme park is really hot. How do you want to invest?

C is not easy to operate, but also faces problems such as homogenization.

However, as more and more investors enter the children's theme park, the competition in this industry is getting bigger and bigger, accelerating the survival of the fittest. According to statistics, since 2008, most children's theme parks have operated for less than two years. Many theme parks have not yet returned to their deaths due to poor management.

The reporter learned that on the one hand, the problem of homogenization is getting worse. Although many shopping centers or shopping malls have children's theme parks, the same phenomenon of amusement facilities is common, and there is no advantage in competition. Therefore, some small or poorly-located children's theme parks are quickly eliminated by the market.

In addition, the Children's Theme Park is a dynamic business. It requires an in-depth understanding of the industry and how to operate the children's business. If the team's experience is insufficient, it may extend the cycle of returning to the book and even fail to support it. collapse.

Although parents pay more attention to their children's education and multi-faceted ability than in the past, parental awareness needs to be further developed, especially for some relatively small children's theme parks. Mr. Lin said that many parents do not understand what Lego is, and do not understand why they should learn Lego, which also affects the speed of “sticky babe”.

Mr. Lin told reporters that many people are now investing in this industry. They just think that education is very simple. When money is invested, it will be returned soon. However, this is not the case. If you invest 1.5 million yuan, the money you withdraw is not all your money. The course that was sold out is the money that was recovered. "That is to say, a child reported a hundred lessons and took ten lessons. The 90 lessons have not been sold yet. He may come back at any time, so it will take at least two to three years to get back."

Some investors also said that there are still low seasons and peak seasons for children's theme parks, and they need to use the income of the peak season to feed the off-season. During the winter vacations and weekends, the passenger flow is large at this time, and sometimes it is only subject to the reception capacity. The working days are off-season, and often the expenses such as rent and employee wages are not enough.

Raiders: How to invest in a children's theme park?

1. Consider how many districts within ten kilometers around the site, how the per capita income of the region is, and whether children's consumption has potential;

2. Select more popular projects and brands according to market demand, pay attention to rich diversity and uniqueness, and think about how to stand out among many competitors;

3. Packaging is very important, looking for professional people to decorate the storefront, design a theme park that matches the style;

4. A team with experience has decided to return to the book, so choose an experienced team;

5. Continuously learn and constantly update the theme and project of the theme park according to the development of the market;

6. Strengthen publicity and find ways to attract more target customers.

Example: How to join a small children's theme park?

The small children's theme park is not expensive, and the operation difficulty is relatively small, which is more suitable for ordinary investors. To invest in a small children's theme park, there are two main forms of cooperation with the brand. One is the output of the device. The merchant can purchase equipment with the brand company, does not need the initial fee, and does not require much money to purchase the equipment. The merchant enjoys the after-sales service of the brand company, but cannot use the logo and name of the brand, which is equivalent to “single play”. Fight alone."

The more common way of cooperation is to join, the brand can provide a full range of operational support and services, including site inspection, site planning, decoration design, equipment design, store management, store training and event planning and other one-stop services, hand-to-hand teaching How does the business operate? For example, the “Hao Harle Children's Theme Park” can choose either device output or opt-in.

The joining fee ranges from several thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan. Some brands also stipulate that if the equipment order exceeds a certain amount (such as 100,000 yuan), the joining fee will be waived. “Yuyoutang” said that it is not the franchise fee, but the brand equity, which is used to bear the rigid costs of market planning, brand promotion, system development, and member maintenance. “Yuyoutang will put this cost into the market. The form is then fed back to the store." The fee is charged at 5% of system sales.

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