New trends in the development of children's play industry
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2019-06-15 16:11:20
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With the opening of the national second-child policy and the younger generation of parents on the stage, the proportion of children's consumption in household expenditure has been increasing, and the “children's economy” has become increasingly hot. The “one-to-n” economy driven by children's consumption has gradually made the children's business situation nationwide. One of the main formats of major shopping centers. Especially the indoor children's play industry has gradually changed the place of family weekends and holidays, and has already let many businesses see the magnetic field effect brought by children's business. What is the current status of children's business and what are the new development trends?

First, the current problems

1, blindly follow the trend

The children's paradise industry belongs to the sunrise industry, and profitability is inevitable, but not every place is suitable for children's playgrounds. For example, in a small town, if there are five or six children's paradise, then if you want to open a children's paradise, then you should carefully consider it. Under such conditions, opening a children's park will face tremendous competitive pressure. Do you have enough confidence to stand out from it? Therefore, before deciding to open a children's playground, you must first do a market research and do not blindly follow suit. Only by accurately grasping the market can we win.

2, the purchase of amusement equipment

What kind of amusement equipment is popular among children? What kind of amusement equipment is not easy to be outdated? In the face of the problem of purchasing amusement equipment, operators should consider the location of the park and the needs of the target group. The feeling is to judge the choice of amusement equipment.

For example, in the case of naughty castles, naughty castles are usually suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 12, but the older children will not be naughty and play, and will tend to have more stimulating equipment, then fun and popular. The equipment will not perform its maximum benefit if it cannot be placed in its proper position.

New trends in the development of children's play industry

3. Not actively operating

Some park investors have become lazy after the successful opening of the children's park, or have not been too active. They think that if the park continues to open, it will be profitable. In the short term, it will still be effective, but in the long run, it is definitely not feasible. . The difficulties in the operation of children's parks have also caused many operators to worry. For example, the ability to continue to operate is low. The ability to continue to operate is the most basic survival of the park. Only when it has the ability to continue to operate and profit, the venue can achieve stable development.

4. Insufficient ability to continue to operate

1 Market demand

The park venue has insufficient control over market demand. The demand of the market is constantly changing, requiring operators to have sufficient judgment and decision-making ability. There are also changes in demand brought about by changes in parent-child relationships at different times, which will profoundly affect the business strategy of the park venue. Whether it is possible to correctly capture the market change and seize the player's "pain point" will determine whether the park can continue to operate. The so-called survival of the fittest, the discomfort is eliminated.

2 Horizontal competition

Some investors have seen the business of children's paradise hot, high profits, have followed suit, blindly follow the trend, so the children's paradise industry has formed a strange phenomenon. Competition from the same industry has saturated and segmented regional markets, and competition has increased dramatically. If the venue cannot occupy a strong competitive position, it will face a situation where it loses its foothold.

New trends in the development of children's play industry

3 over-reliance on holiday marketing

Holiday marketing is a key point of the park's venue revenue. Most parks rely on holiday benefits for a long time, and the daily income is basically ignored. The main hazard of this non-recyclable economy is that once a breakpoint occurs, the entire business chain will be disconnected and the park will not be able to continue operations.

Second, the new trend of children's business

Although the children's theme business is still very popular, it has also exposed many problems. Many shopping malls and merchants have re-emerged new measures in order to avoid the timely adjustment of missed business opportunities.

1. Focus on developing game products that can be shared with each other.

If the business layout of the children's theme only focuses on the attraction of the children themselves, ignoring the parents holding the wallet, only paying attention to the entertainment demand, and ignoring the catering and shopping activities that can be used in the same scene, will miss the parent-child family. The benefits of consumption. It is very important for parents to put down their mobile phones and participate in the game together. Many parents after the 80s and 90s are senior gamers. The games they can't watch will rarely allow their children to play. Therefore, the parent-child games must make adults and children feel fresh. If parents leave a good memory, they are more likely to repeat the children to spend.

New trends in the development of children's play industry

2. Grouping with traditional types of children's entertainment products

Combined with excellent traditional children's products, such as naughty castle, manual DIY, story hall, etc., it forms a new interactive experience, and a variety of activities, to improve the consumer satisfaction of parent-child families.

3. Integrate with other formats to form linkage consumption

The scened game experience has a lot of integration with other formats around it. After the end of a game, you can give away nearby restaurant coupons, discount coupons for shopping, or you can get a free game at the surrounding restaurants and supermarkets. As long as you have enough imagination, you will operate the mode and game mechanism according to the actual situation. If you need design, you can form a multi-point joint and connected consumption.

4, the flow of online and offline conversion

Use online marketing activities to attract users to the scene, and then use APP and WeChat to convert the offline target audience into online users of specific platforms, and then let these users repeat offline through targeted online promotion. Scene consumption can form a virtuous circle of diversion.

The importance of children's business to drive passenger flow and drive consumption has become more and more prominent. For consumers, a high-quality parent-child content and popular parent-child activities will occupy a higher importance than before. The parent-child experience format promotes circular consumption through interactive integration and brings multiple business opportunities, thus achieving the siphon effect of children's consumption “1+2” and “1+4”. After the children's consumption upgrade, it will continue to become the main force of future consumption.

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