Immersive design for commercial applications
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Immersive design for commercial applications

No experience, no business, and consumers who are increasingly valued for multi-dimensional, whole-hearted life experiences, integrating more complex and imaginative experience content is the core to strengthen the link between themselves and consumers. For consumers, content determines time and time determines consumption. The immersion of physical business is the key competitiveness of online and offline traffic competition.


What is immersive design?

Immersive design is a concept that has only emerged in recent years. It refers to the use of human sensory experience and cognitive experience to create an atmosphere for participants to enjoy a certain state.

The immersive design is designed to allow users to focus quickly, perform desired behaviors, and take advantage of the user's highly focused attention to guide them to generate certain emotions and experiences. Common in life is the game interface, which is a very typical immersive interface.

To determine whether an immersive design is successful or not depends on whether the target user's attention is attracted for a long time, and whether various senses can be affected by the current atmosphere to produce a pleasant and exciting experience.


Immersive design features

1 Users have very clear goals in the experience process, and need to have immediate feedback on the user's interaction behavior, so that people will have a visual, audible or tactile feedback after each operation.

For example, in the small town of Milton Keynes, England, an interactive virtual reality device called "Magic Carpet" was installed. Visitors can walk freely on this kaleidoscope of carpets, and the pattern of the carpet changes as the visitor moves.

Immersive design for commercial applications

Immersive design for commercial applications

Immersive design for commercial applications

User behavior is integrated with individual senses to improve the user's concentration during use, so that the user has full control, which can also satisfy the user's psychological sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

For example, a music interaction project called Human Sound, everyone can become the creator of the music. Changing the pace at the foot, the projection will change as people move, as if the sound waves spread, and the music will ring.

After satisfying the first two characteristics, the user is often attracted by the set atmosphere and achieves the state of forgetting. Good interaction will make the process of user experience become an opportunity to achieve the goal.


Commercial application of immersive technology

1 immersive "eat" method

Holographic table: Using 3D projection mapping techniques and motion capture techniques, the table becomes a "stage" for an interesting show. The desktop is empty except for the clean plates, cups and some cutlery, all of which rely on the projector above. The projected "chef" makes a virtual meal on the table in front of the customer.

Immersive design for commercial applications

Holographic environment: Using 360-degree holographic projection technology, the experiencer can sit in the desert, snowy mountains, seabed dining, or the birds and flowers to accompany, or the wind and waves. During the meal, all kinds of fish swarmed around the tail, and the ripples of the sea rushed freely on the table. The water rippled like a blue dream in the deep sea.

Immersive design for commercial applications

Immersive design for commercial applications

2 immersive "tour" method

Holographic projection + digital exhibition hall: The exhibits are scanned by 3D and 5D digital images and displayed by holographic projection. Visitors can view the exhibits in all directions and 360 degrees, and gain an unprecedented technological experience, which can greatly enhance the interest of tourists. value. At the same time, digital exhibits can be activated by motion capture technology, such as the activation of primitive creatures, ancient scenes, etc., which will bring a strong sensory experience to the experience.

Immersive design for commercial applications

AR technology + navigation: AR application App, superimpose the virtual image and the real scene, the experiencer only needs to follow the avatar in the mobile phone, and at the same time, through GPS technology real-life positioning, display the location of the experiencer, and guide the interaction with the fun. Perfect combination to enhance the experience of the experience traveler.

Immersive design for commercial applications

3 immersive "live" method

VR Hotel - Room Projection: Projecting a room into any theme world through VR projection technology, users can control the projection through the smartphone application, and simultaneously synchronize the room elements with the projection, for example, let the visitors feel the light of the room turns blue The bed is interacting with the wave and other interactive experiences, so that the experiencer is immersed in the virtual reality that he created.

Immersive design for commercial applications

Digital decoration: holographic projection technology is used to decorate the hotel lobby, rooms and other places to create a 3D space experience. The technology is versatile and flexible, and it has advantages in terms of cost and visitor experience. Traditional luxury physical decoration is even more fascinating.

4 Immersive "shopping"

Combining 3D holography technology with advertising, the visual effect of the product is more shocking, and the customer can watch the three-dimensional decorative design without additional equipment, and greatly enhance the goodwill and freshness of the product.

Immersive design for commercial applications

5 immersive "entertainment"

Using laser projection, large holographic screens, combined with creativity and post-production, create a stunning holographic plus show, bringing a lively and vivid lighting experience to the audience. Previously, we had a detailed introduction to the immersive entertainment billion-dollar market, do you know? The article on immersive entertainment and its development, the interested readers can poke the link review.

Immersive design for commercial applications

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