The slide accident reappears, and the children’s amusement park will continue to streaking?
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2019-05-14 16:22:27
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  There are more and more children's rides, but many children's rides are cheaper, easier to install, and very attractive to children, so theme parks, shopping malls, shopping malls, outdoor parks and even outdoor events are very popular with children. Favor. However, the safety factor of children's play facilities is still far from a reassuring stage.

  At present, China's "Regulations on the Administration of Public Places Health" does not include indoor children's playgrounds, which results in a lack of clear basis for health supervision. According to the relevant regulations of the Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations, the quality supervision department is only responsible for the supervision of the safety of large-scale amusement facilities. Small children's amusement equipment such as marine balls, slides, and climbing are not within the scope of special equipment—that is, Due to the lack of corresponding barriers to entry, specific mandatory standards and strict supervision, the children's playground has always been in a "streaking" state, and until now there is no safety regulation on children's playgrounds.

The slide accident reappears, and the children’s amusement park will continue to streaking?

  In contrast, the practices of some foreign countries are worth learning from. As early as 1976, Germany introduced the first standard for public playground equipment. Based on this standard, the EU enacted nine EN1176 series standards in 1998. In 2004, a special standard for bouncy castles was issued. In the United States, the playground equipment is divided into household, public, soft, and inflatable products, and the corresponding ASTM standards have been formulated. In Japan , the design of the playground is very user-friendly. For example, the equipment for children is installed in a place that is easy for parents to look after, and it is relatively concentrated. There are no children's swings and other devices that are prone to accidents in all the margins. After years of research, the Canadian Standards Association has introduced national standards for the construction of playgrounds designed to reduce child injuries.

  As a parent , you must take care of your children scientifically. In 2018, a national child health survey released by the United States showed that more than 30,000 children were injured in playgrounds every year in the United States. Charles Jenningson, a professor at the University of Iowa's Cavill Medical School, pointed out that in fact, adults holding children along with slides are one of the most common injuries in children on playgrounds.

  As an operator , it must be highly responsible and operate in compliance with laws and regulations. In the project design, completion, commissioning, standard use and regular maintenance, there must be a closely linked operational process. Only by implementing the items one by one and checking for hidden dangers can we ensure the safety and reliability of the rides and ensure the safety of children.

So how do you maintain a large amusement slide facility?

Requirements for the material and thickness of children's slides

The slope of the ladder climbing ladder is about 70°, the width is 40cm, the height of the ladder is 6cm, and the handrails are provided on both sides. The sliding angle of the skateboard is 30°-35°, the width is 40cm, and the straight edges on both sides are 18cm, which is convenient for children's feet to brake. In addition, the finished skateboard and the self-made slide should be laid on the lower part of the ladder with a thickness of not less than 3cm, or sand of 40cm or more to prevent children from falling and being injured.

Inspection and overhaul before opening

1 Every day before the opening of the park, the inner surface of the slide should be inspected, and the inner surface of the slide groove should be smooth. If cracks or cracks are found, it should be repaired and treated immediately.

2 Check the parts of the equipment before opening the garden every day, whether the loose bolts are in the situation.

3 Check the child safety mat for damage before opening the garden every day.

Check every day after the end of the run

1 It is necessary to organize, clean and inspect the various carriers (sliding rafts, etc.), ancillary equipment and playgrounds to ensure that they are neat, orderly, clean and have no safety hazards.

2 Make a record of the day's slide operation.

3 Regular maintenance and maintenance of the water slide.

4 According to the regulations, do not perform safety inspections for weeks, months, half years and more than one year.

  As a regulatory authority , it is necessary to formulate relevant regulations and strengthen supervision as soon as possible. In the holidays, there must be a safety emergency emergency plan, and it is necessary to check in advance before the festival. After the accident, there must be a system of accountability and accountability to punish the situation. Only in this way can we eliminate all kinds of hidden dangers in children's playgrounds and protect the healthy growth of children.

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