4 awesome management skills of the chain park
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About amusement industry operators, children's park management told us so many chapters, the manager of the pipe shop Hong eighty-one internal strength, to senior management from infrastructure management to middle management, from daily work to sort out, classify and then to Data analysis adjustments are improved. Below, we will give you a combing summary, and the inner workings of the chain park. (Tips: The content is also suitable for a single store management park)

4 awesome management skills of the chain park

The 1st trick in the management of paradise in the park management: employee management

1, management problems: the staff are seeking help from the store manager, the store manager is trivial

The store manager needs to: Let employees work hard to solve problems independently.

The clerk has encountered problems at work. Don't ask for help if you don't encounter anything. You should first confirm whether you can solve it. You can ask other people if they have encountered the same problem and try to deal with it themselves. In addition, when you have a small number of customers, you can learn more and improve your ability to handle things.

2, management problems: staff sales performance is always up, the store manager bitter

The store manager needs to: Let the employees stick to the enthusiasm of "To achieve the goal today!"

Once you enter the park, you can feel the atmosphere of enthusiasm. This kind of enthusiasm of "trying to sell the game card" can also be passed on to the customers! If the card is only a normal paradise setting, the customer may not see it. Appropriate replacement of publicity POPs and displays, attracting customers' eyeballs, practicing the skills of selling cards, highlighting the highlights of the park.

3, management problems: employees in the business peaks, no boring chat, the store manager arranges hard

The store manager needs to: Please keep in mind the effective use of working hours.

"The weather is not good" "The nearby rival store has opened" "There are large-scale activities in the vicinity", and there are times when the passenger flow is not good for various reasons. What should I do when time is free? Have you gone out to do market research? Have you done a sales seminar? Are there more sales drills and learning?

4, management problems: employees do not understand the increase in performance, the store manager can not explain

The store manager needs to: Let the employees maintain a healthy competitive mentality in the store.

Is there any service and passenger flow compared with the market peers? Have you compared the sales and completion rates of the parks in the system? If you compare your own store, you will feel lost? Have you maintained a competitive mentality and managed to make your paradise the number one?

5, management problems: staff hospitality service is not enthusiastic, the store manager suffers from supervision

The store manager needs to: Let employees develop customers who are like friends in the customer.

Calling a customer a friend may feel a little unnatural, but some customers say, “I am very familiar with the staff there!” If there are customers in the paradise who can be intimately like friends, they can hear a lot of sincerity from them. opinion.

The inner management of the park management, employee management is the first level of internal training, allowing employees to solve problems independently, cultivating goals to achieve enthusiasm, making full use of effective time, participating in performance research, developing customers and friends, is a paradise management soft service In the important part, please ask the store managers to keep your small notes and manage the park affairs easily to help you achieve your goals.

4 awesome management skills of the chain park

The 2nd trick in the management of paradise in the management of the park: customer management

1, let customers know first

In the children's play industry, let customers know about your park. In addition to online promotion, offline promotion methods are also very important, such as outdoor advertising, amusement guide signs, and POP display stands.

For example, the display screen at the entrance of the store revolves around the current activities of the park, recharge discounts, introductions to play projects, and play instructions.

For example, the staff of the park provide professional guides for visitors to use, and use the FAB presentation method (the attributes, functions and benefits of the play project) to let customers know the benefits of your playground and the fun of play, and to raise the interest and attraction of customers to your home park. Customer spending.

2, not only let customers know, but also guide customers

When the customer's interest in the park is mentioned, then the second step is how to guide the customer to play. Here, we need to introduce the customer to the customer to explain the benefits of the play project.

For example, naughty castle: Through the game, children can not only exercise physical fitness, increase balance and coordination, but also learn to communicate, stimulate potential, improve cognitive ability and language ability during the activity.

For example, sand pool: Through the pile and shape, you can inspire children's creative ability, walking games in the sand pool, can also improve the child's own parallel coordination ability.

For example, trampoline: can make the child's leg muscles and cerebellar balance nervous system and the brain nervous system more developed.

Guide the customer's willingness to consume by describing to the customer the benefits of each play item to the children.

3, let customers become "frequent customers", resumption of constant

Many of the park's performance businesses are maintained by "regular customers." Increasing frequent visitors to the park is an effective way to improve business performance. There are many ways to make customers become frequent customers, essentially to give customers additional benefits, both physical and spiritual. 

For example: VIP cards, discount offers, point rewards, gift tickets, birthday gifts, sweepstakes, etc. If you can let employees remember customers and provide more appropriate shopping and consumption suggestions, the customer's satisfaction will be improved, and even introduce their friends and family to the park. Regular customers are also the best advertising channel for the park.

Having said that, are you getting something? Xiaobian will then give you some ideas and key points:

(1) Carefully serve customers and add interactive games;

(2) classify customers and master customer needs;

(3) Tracking after-sales service to existing customers;

(4) Make a record of the customer's complaints and listen carefully;

(5) Improve the professional knowledge of employees and convince customers.

The 3rd measure in the management of paradise in the park management: project management

1, project layout, structure ratio

To operate the park, we must start from the project layout of the park itself. This refers not only to the amusement project of the park, but to the proportion of the overall project structure of the park.

For example: from the basic operating income analysis, what is the proportion of the project structure of the park?

For example, I took the annual total revenue of a park to analyze that the park's amusement projects accounted for 50% of operating income, children's education projects, theme catering projects and retail projects each accounted for 15%, and custom party projects accounted for 5%.

From this perspective, we can basically grasp the project structure of a paradise, which is the basis of project management.

2. Project adjustment, combination strategy

We have mastered the project structure ratio of the park, and here we try to adjust the low-revenue project. What needs to be considered here is how to raise low-income projects? We tried to brainstorm, can we use the high-revenue projects in the park to drive low-revenue projects to improve the performance?

For example: how to bundle the naughty castle project with the custom party project and move the party into the naughty castle to a “naughty castle Christmas theme party” for the current package sales?

It is also possible to bundle a food and beverage project with an educational project to get a “parent baking course”.

3. Project efficiency, performance orientation

When we have made a project portfolio strategy, we will do the analysis of the road effect, continuously optimize the design of the park's moving line, continuously optimize the project layout of the park, continuously improve the layout design level of the park, and provide the contribution of each project to the performance. Achieve performance improvement.

Finally, give you a summary of the core skills of project management: project gameplay innovation, project activity planning, project management analysis, project rational design and project advantage exploration.

The above is the core skill of project management, but Xiao Bian reminds everyone here that these skills are not useful for the light backrest. We need to go to the park to check the situation, the situation on the spot can tell you a lot of problems, and by exploring the advantages of the project can Improve performance.

The 4th trick of the paradise in the management of the park: seasonal management (small standard)

1. Seasonal projects

Through continuous analysis and analysis, the park's projects are also affected by the seasonal heat, these effects have a specific sales cycle, with a distinct off-season peak season.

For example, the fish pond project in the park and the water world project are popular in summer. Parents and children interact with each other through water and fun, which both cool down and enhance parent-child relationship. However, in the winter, the revenue of these projects will be significantly reduced due to seasonal changes.

Therefore, by paying attention to seasonal changes and the impact of project revenues, it is possible to more clearly understand the reasons for the performance of the park project.

2, seasonal service

As mentioned above, learn to identify the seasonal business projects of the park and grasp the key points. The corresponding seasonal service must also keep up. One of the key points mentioned here is the training of personnel services for seasonal projects.

For example: the fish pond's play project, because it is a real fish, so pay attention to the details of the service of the children in the process of fishing and fishing, the park staff can guide the fish and fish together to increase the intimacy; also can play fishing game to increase the fun Sex; you can explain the life habits of small goldfish and increase your knowledge while fishing. Let parents feel the service professional and service features of the park, thus increasing customer stickiness.

Pay attention to the focus of seasonal services, from the fun of the project, is to create a differentiated service.

3, seasonal products

After doing the precise refinement of seasonal projects and seasonal services, let's think about what else can promote the performance of the season, that is, seasonal products.

For example: in the summer, the IP image of the water gun, the IP image of the small fan, the IP image of the mosquito repellent bracelet; in the winter, the main push IP image of the blankets, plush toys.

It is also a very good concept of seasonal income to make the paradise's products form a main push in the season.

Four core skills for seasonal management

(1) Seasonal festival activities


In the spring, you can make New Year's tickets red envelope activities, school season activities, and Goddess Festival activities;

Summer fishing activities, summer fun activities, and new semester start-up activities can be done in summer;

In the autumn, you can do the Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Festival; National Day and Happy Day activities, Chongyang Respect for the Elderly Festival activities;

In winter, you can do Halloween candy activities, Thanksgiving egg painting activities, Christmas New Year activities.

(2) Seasonal theme activities

For example, you can plan some seasonal theme activities to incorporate the concept of navigation and playability, and naturally cut the IP elements into the seasonal activities. Chain franchise stores can also carry out activities simultaneously through the simultaneous launch of stores across the country, so that customers can feel our overall sense of unity and special creation.

(3) Seasonal landscape setting

For example, in the off-season, we can bring customers a sense of freshness through seasonal landscape settings, so that visitors can stop and drain. For example, in the spring, with the theme of green growing in the spring, the atmosphere of the spring is added to the paradise. In the summer, the blue theme of the summer cooling and cooling is added, and the ice cream shape and the swimming circle shape that bring the cool feeling are added to the paradise. To decorate the park, the fall and winter also replace the landscape settings for seasonal scenes.

Maintaining a seasonal display change is a way to keep the paradise fresh and to be a drop-in strategy for the off-season.

(4) Seasonal Marketing Annual Plan

For example: to do a large-scale New Year parade in the Spring Festival, then we have already planned it years ago. Including the purpose of the parade, the online B-side and C-side propaganda notice, the parade's advertiser cooperation, the cost and revenue budget of the parade, the conversion income estimation after the parade, the national synchronized execution details, the parade Specific timetable, etc.

In fact, it is not difficult to do a good job in the season management planning. You need to hold a passion for positive discovery and innovation to nurture your paradise!

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