Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?
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2019-02-20 14:40:10
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"The people who win the hearts of the people have the world", in contrast to the amusement industry, for the vending machine operators, if they get the hearts of consumers, it is the "kingly way" of the vending machine business.

Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?

Why is the vending machine related to "Kingly Way"?

The vending machine has been in the world for more than 100 years. It has also developed in China for decades. Especially in the past three years, the barbaric development, whether it is the manufacturer or the venue operator, everyone knows at this time. It’s a good idea, whose machine quality is good, whose machine quality is poor, who is playing the routine, who is serious about making products, basically have understanding.

The businessman wins the world with integrity, and this is the "king of the king." 90% of customers are new customers introduced by old customers and old customers.. There is no hard product, no good reputation, and there is a stable source of customers. Of course, if you open a door to do business, everyone will say "integrity wins the world", but when you don't know about your products, whether the products have quality assurance, whether there will be problems in the customer's site, there is no certainty. The idea of earning money back and saying it is not a manifestation of responsibility. This is not a "king of the king."

Today we focus on the "kingly way" of the operators.

First, the concept of vending machine

First of all, we have to figure out what is called a "vending machine". Why not call a game machine, an entertainment machine, or a claw crane machine? When the player can finally get a gift through the machine operation, it is called a vending machine. It is inaccurate to call it a claw crane machine in China. In Japan, dolls are part of the important gifts of vending machines, accounting for about 30% of the gifts in the store. Others such as daily necessities, practical goods, and art are gifts of vending machines. This is very different from domestic and foreign countries.

Since it is called a vending machine, the word "rite" should be taken as the head, "there is no blame for many people", the visitor is courteous, the ceremony is a feeling, and it is also a kind of value. We must build this value on the vending machine and let the customer get " Satisfy".

Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?

Second, the satisfaction of the guests

The operator of the vending machine can satisfy the guests, and the visitors will reach a 100% return rate. Customers are more and more like, more and more guests, business is getting more and more prosperous, this is the "kingly way" of the operators.

It is very important for the guests to have a feeling of victory in the process of playing. Some people advocate that more shipments, big goods, small profits but quick turnover, start a crowd of people, jump in the morning, insomnia at night, profit is too thin to pay rent, pay wages, After three months, it was the same.

Let the guests meet not to let his gift come full, but to satisfy the players, so that the guests will continue to save money to play, rather than paying for goods. It is not the same thing to pay for the goods and win the spoils. The same dolls, the same gifts create different values, this is the "kingly way".

Third, the setting of the vending machine

Most of us are currently dolls, so let's talk about catching dolls. More shipments and no shipments are basically at least three months, but at most, they will end in half a year. This is not desirable, making money is a prerequisite for survival. The goods must be out, set in what state, how to make the guests thrilling, surprise, this has to pay attention to. The most important thing is to have a high-tech machine and the ingenious control of the program, so that the guests feel a little bit out, the machine feels true and not fake, feels like winning with their own technology, such a prize is called loot . The spoils will make the players satisfied, healing, worrying, and happy. This is the value of the game. The setting of the machine must reach the SWP level to create entertainment value. The reason why vending machine can be crowned by the world is super perfect in its software and hardware combination. The four-speed grip is easy to adjust, the crane movement is thrilling, and the players are entertaining.

Fourth, how to set the gift award

The value of the gift is estimated from the player's preference from 1.5 to 3 times is the usual calculation method. The video game city and the children's park are generally set to: the amount of money collected by the machine = the value of the gift * 2 / the value of the casino currency. This formula is generally set to a reasonable setting, which allows the venue owner to make money and make it acceptable to the player.

Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?

Five. How to choose a gift

The commonly used gifts are four types of plush dolls, dolls, 3c toys, and daily necessities. The following four categories are respectively explained:

1. Plush doll. Plush dolls are recognized as a very curative product worldwide and have not returned to fever for over a hundred years. Selection of plush dolls: bright colors, lively style, fashionable trend, tight stitching, lubricity and elasticity. It is mainly made of plush, terry cloth, velvet and T/C fabric. The inner cotton wadding is polyester fiber;

2. The dolls are generally designed from Japan and the United States, and a few are domestic designs. The materials are mainly resin composition, water glass (transparent resin), FRP (glass fiber reinforced plastic), PVC epoxy production, etc. Color, the cost is more expensive than the plush doll, in recent years, young people in our country have also begun to collect. The product is a character or a monster shape and a movie image or a well-known cartoon. When the game is provided, it needs to be repackaged;

3. 3C toys; generally for headphones, charging treasures, Bluetooth speakers, remote control cars, airplanes, etc.; these are very popular among young people and primary and secondary school students, but must pay attention to quality and product guarantee when purchasing;

4. Daily necessities; such as watches, cups, cutlery (functional), keychains, necklaces, masks, lipsticks, powders, etc. can be used as gifts, but be sure to prevent counterfeit products and pay attention to product certification when purchasing.

Sixth, the opening of the store

At present, there are single store operations, shipping operations, park venue operations, theater operations, casino operations, and new bookstore operations. In a good location, the rents are high in places with a lot of people, ranging from a few hundred yuan to a few thousand yuan to one square. How to ensure that revenue is guaranteed?

Where the price is expensive, the area is small, and the models used are generally “snapped” with small and fine vending machines. The four-person boutique machine can be placed in a group of four, and one square can be placed in three groups of 12 units. The revenue has achieved good results and won praise from customers. For example, Foshan Lu has specially used this machine to travel through the Pearl River Delta in the bookstore channel. In just three years, the rolling development has placed more than 6,000 units, and the contract period is generally 3-5 years, which has achieved good results.

The traffic is stable, and the young people are the main battlefields of the vending machine, such as theaters, pedestrian streets, and bustling downtown areas. It is better to try to rely on the right side of the specific section, and try not to have steps at the entrance. For example, the area of the opening shop is as small and beautiful as possible, and the machine is generally 30-40 units, and cannot exceed 50 units. More than 50 units are difficult to satisfy, and second is not easy to manage.

Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?

Seven, store management and service

In 2018, everyone knows that business is difficult to do. But some of has increased its turnover by 15% compared with 2017. How to do it? His selection staff is very particular. His selected employees are mainly graduates of kindergarten teachers. The employees are caring and the children are crying. The employees usually give small gifts to appease, which makes parents and children feel very warm. This naturally became a loyal fan of the store.

Choosing an explosive gift is the key to revenue. established a strong fan group, regularly organizes super fans to buy gifts in Guangzhou, and works hard on the selection of gifts. It gives certain rewards to the fans who choose to sell the explosions in the month, and also makes fans have a sense of accomplishment.

Daily management is clean and tidy, and the daily gift is removed from the end and the order is changed. It is forbidden to mix colors, mix and place, and the gifts are placed neatly in time. Holidays, employees usually go to the 20,000 steps a day in the store, so that the hands and feet are fast, the mouth is sweet, the guests stay in front of the machine for more than three seconds, the service staff should immediately go forward to help the guests to place the doll. Regularly hold some promotional activities, the planning of the event should be a surprise, and get one free one for the stock gifts. used the vending machine to exchange gifts for children's trolley bags. In the 2018 summer vacation, children's trolley bags were exchanged for more than 50,000. Streets and lanes, children pulling trolley bags became a fashion.

The store should provide a logo with the name of the store to allow the guests to install the spoils. If conditions permit, they can also add value-added services, such as selling coffee, beverages, and ice products. Increasing the income can also increase the retention rate.

Eight, the management of gifts

Conditional chaining can reduce the cost of management and the cost of gift purchases and the pressure on gift inventory.

The in-store machine needs to be divided into seven zones. Each zone's gifts are counted in seven days. Every day, new products are listed for seven days to be replaced, the next gift is placed in the second store, and so on, but in the case of hot goods, the income is excellent. Not only can't you get off the shelf, but you have to put it in the best position in the store to attract attention.

Nine. Waiter training and management

The newly recruited employees should be trained to work. The employees should be sunny, amiable, and smile. The characteristics of the vending machine, the mentality of the guests, the material of the gifts, and the meaning of the gifts must be in the hands of the master. Selling promotions, highlighting the atmosphere of the store.

Vending machine operation "kingly way" - how to get the hearts of new consumers?

X. Suggestions and future prospects

1. The Internet is the reliance and guarantee of future operators. It is an important means for us to reduce personnel costs, plugging loopholes, real-time monitoring, and scientific control of materials. At the same time, the game of vending machines is full of infinite imagination. Wuma Bank launched the Iot vending machine in 2016, but due to the lack of Internet knowledge of operators, it cannot be effectively controlled;

2. Operators must be in parallel with the opening of the store. Where is the flow of people, where the machine is placed, the business is flexible, and the business is always strong;

3. The choice of machine equipment determines the basis of your business. This foundation has not been laid, and it is doomed to your business success or failure. The accuracy is not high, the customer is not real and fun, and the gift shipment cannot be controlled accurately. The quality of the machine is not good. The more busy the machine is, the more trouble it will be. Can you operate smoothly? can earn money?

4. Gift selection should conform to the fashion trend. It is strictly forbidden to enter the venue with fake and pirated gifts. First, it is necessary to bear the risk of legal liability. Second, the store is particularly bad in the hearts of customers. Finally, the boss is dead and does not understand the law and greed.

5. The form of operation and management, the scale of appearance can be copied, but the culture can not be copied. I hope that our customers can make their own style characteristics, and at the same time have a strong recognition, so that you can have in the market competition. A place to stay, unbeaten. Continuous improvement, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation are the real "kings" in our business.

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