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I want to open an indoor children's playground in a big shopping mall. How to negotiate?
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2018-10-16 16:59:41
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As we all know, the flow of people in large shopping malls, supermarkets, and shopping malls is usually very large, so many franchisees want to open the children's playground in these places that are easy to attract customers. So, how do you negotiate to enter an indoor children's park in a large shopping mall or supermarket? The first thing to note is that the general negotiation content will cover the following issues:

Rent, renovation period, rent-free period,

Free rent payment method, area measured, pool area,

Property, water and electricity, heating, air conditioning, contract period,

The increase in rent, a few payouts, entry fees, facade advertising,

Internal advertising space, middle-aged celebration, anniversary, event promotion,

Whether it can be rented, whether it can be transferred,

Is it possible to change the business content,

Whether the owner assists in the industrial and commercial tax fire protection,

If the opening of the business is delayed, how to compensate and other issues.

In addition, before the negotiations, we must clearly define the benefits that our parks bring to the mall: children's theme parks can drive a large number of passengers and malls, and often organize group activities can create a crowded atmosphere for the mall and even drive consumers to spend in the mall.

01 Must have detective spirit and be fully prepared before negotiation

01 Must have detective spirit and be fully prepared before negotiation

1. Learn more about the general price of shopping mall supermarkets and determine the psychological reserve price and maximum price limit for this negotiation.

2. Correctly evaluate the status and influence of children's parks in supermarkets and supermarkets, and estimate monthly sales.

3. If possible, understand the negotiator's situation: including personal background, hobbies, work tasks, current evaluations of his superiors and colleagues. This information may be used at some point.

4. Learn to collect intelligence and observe the words.

02 Negotiation is also a debate, it is necessary to know the initiative

Good at using off-site relationships. For the first time dealing malls, we should be good at using off-site relationships and invite “important people” to negotiate outside the venue through various channels. This can be psychologically active. If you have “contact people”, you will get twice the result with half the effort. .

Knowing ourselves and knowing each other is not a battle. Often the more formal large shopping malls, the more concerned about the qualifications and brands of new owners entering the mall. They are generally willing to introduce mature brands, because the mall will not provide growth time for the brand. If you don't have this, the negotiations may be deadlocked. On the one hand, the new brand has limited strength and is unable to deliver more fees to the mall in advance; on the other hand, the demand for such owners in the mall is to take the upper limit of the store fee and will not easily lower the threshold. At this time, we must know ourselves and understand the factors of the regional economic environment, business district, consumption characteristics, etc., and give commitment to the shopping malls in terms of popularity and promotion activities, so as to increase the weight of negotiations.

There are people who ask for help and people who are under courtesy. When negotiating with supermarkets, in most cases we are in a weak position, that is, we are asking for people. Of course, people should make appropriate concessions, but how to give them a little knowledge. When negotiating, you can make some concessions on some issues, let the other party feel your sincerity, and succumb to your own interests on other issues, and have made concessions on the previous issues. In general, the other party will not be embarrassed. This is called a small fight, take the initiative to attack, with the help of small profits to highlight their own principles.

01 Must have detective spirit and be fully prepared before negotiation

03 Be flexible and break the deadlock in the negotiations

Negotiations sometimes fall into a deadlock because of the persistence of both sides. At this time, we should learn to stop at a timely time and re-arrange the time of the next negotiation. For both parties to the deadlock, this period is very valuable. We should think more about ways to bring the follow-up negotiations to a successful conclusion.

on the side of:

1. Approaching the other party or the person involved in the negotiation as a friend by a third party. Try to put out some things that are good for negotiation, and try to test the bottom line of each other to a certain extent.

2, maintain a good relationship, more communication, gift when necessary.


1. Keep in touch and emphasize the agreement reached between the two parties. It is recommended that both parties cherish it.

2, then provide matching, let the other party choose.

3. Consider appropriate concessions, preferably on secondary issues.

The above is just a brief introduction to the negotiating skills of indoor children's parks in large shopping malls. In more cases, shopping malls consider brand awareness. Therefore, a good children's park brand franchise store can easily enter the big shopping malls without any effort!

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