What I lack is exactly what you have! Cross-border cooperation, want to attract people without problems
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2018-10-12 12:01:28
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With the advancement of society and the development of the economy, people's consumption levels have increased, consumption concepts have gradually escalated, people's life rhythm has become faster and faster, and entertainment has gradually become an urgent need for life. The playground can make full use of people's fragmented time for entertainment, and time has aroused everyone's attention. Whether it is a children's playground for children, a video game center for young people, or a new family entertainment center, the playground has gradually become the standard of the business center.

What I lack is exactly what you have! Cross-border cooperation, want to attract people without problems

There are more than one commercial center playground, and all kinds of playgrounds bloom everywhere. The phenomenon of homogenization and generalization makes the novelty of the playground gradually decline, which is not attractive to consumers.

How to maintain the heat of the park, how to "pull people" to improve the high flow of the park has become a problem that many venue operators are eager to solve. Cross-border cooperation can realize the integration of resources in different industries, and it can bring consumers a sense of freshness and new topics in the park. It is also a good choice.

Cross-border cooperation is not uncommon, focusing on the complementarity and integration of resources.

Cross-border cooperation is also called cross-industry cooperation. Generally speaking, cross-border cooperation refers to a kind of two or more enterprises in different industries that share the resources in marketing, reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance market competitiveness. Marketing strategy. “Different business” is a concept corresponding to “peer industry” and represents different industries. Therefore, the core of cross-industry cooperation includes two aspects, one is that the marketing subject is a business of different industries; the other is marketing in a cooperative manner.

Why do you need a cross-industry cooperation? The traditional extension method has been rapidly ineffective, and the cost of the extension has increased dramatically. We have found that the effective marketing method in the past has quickly failed. Flyer, store activities, community promotion, public number marketing, WeChat marketing, etc., and many other marketing methods are rapidly losing their effectiveness; the promotion cost of traditional online platforms is getting higher and higher, and the more restrictive by the platform The bigger the store is, the less useful the store is in marketing; and cross-border cooperation can solve these problems quickly and effectively.

Cross-border cooperation is arguably very common in our daily lives. Take the example of McDonald's, which has a 63-year history. McDonald's can be said to be a "model worker" for cross-border cooperation. There are new moves almost every year. Of course, the popular mobile games in these years, McDonald's will not "miss".

As early as 2016, McDonald's tried to cooperate with mobile games. After the announcement of McDonald's cooperation with POKEMON GO, McDonald's Japan shares hit the highest point since 2001 in early trading on Thursday. "POKEMON GO" Everyone was fascinated. Even if the mainland China can't play, the enthusiasm is very high. Japan's McDonald's has reached a cooperation agreement with POKEMON GO to make the store a game hall and Poke stop. This cross-border cooperation The income of McDonald's increased by 26%, the passenger flow increased by nearly 10%, and the stocks all rose all the way to the highest level in nearly 20 years.

mcdonalds cooperates with pokemon go

McDonald's cooperates with POKEMON GO

In addition to "POKEMON GO", McDonald's and the mobile game "Glory of the King" cross-border cooperation, the difference is that this cooperation is McDonald's first open cooperation including the staple food, catering, beverage product line, and "special cases" to " "Glory of the King" has created an offline "open black" store. The glory of the king also "returned to the peaches", designed the exclusive cow skin for McDonald's, and the image copyright of the popular heroes such as Lanling Wang and Luban No.7 was also opened in the design of the McDonald's meal box.

The mobile game audience is extensive, and the market base is solid. The number of mobile game players in China is more than half, and the number of game apps is also strong, accounting for 21% of all apps. The online and offline resources cooperation, with the popularity of popular mobile games, relying on the resources of the other party to complement their own shortcomings, to promote popularity, to drive the topic, become a hot topic for consumers, earning enough popularity.

How to choose a partner

The advantages of cross-border cooperation are obvious:

1. Cross-border can increase the product richness of the store;

2. Cross-border can increase the richness of store marketing;

3. Cross-border can reduce the cost of activities;

4. Cross-border can enhance the brand's promotional surface;

5. Cross-border allows the store to add more topic content;

6. Cross-border can increase store revenue;

7. Cross-border can increase new customers and passenger flow in stores.

Cross-border cooperation is the most direct "borrowing power", using the advantages of others to promote their own business conditions and improve the current situation.

In terms of cross-border cooperation, the first thing to be clear is that the purpose of this cooperation is to sell or to promote the brand. The direction of the industry with different objectives is definitely different. For example, in the software industry, better cooperation is tied to hardware manufacturers and will achieve significant results in sales.

mermald show in the park

Mermaid show in the park

In addition to bundling product resources, the bundled sales of channel resources is also a good way. The so-called cooperation between channels means that the partners can open their own channel resources or open sales channels to let the products of the cooperative enterprises through their own sales channels. Sales, or open product display channels, provide a broader display platform for the products of the cooperative enterprises, and realize the sales of self-products through the sharing of channel resources. These are all ways of cooperation that can be considered.

Generally speaking, the target consumers partially or completely overlap, which is the basis of the cooperation of different industries. If there is no intersection, everything will be impossible to talk about. The concept of cross-industry cooperation and SCDP is basically the same. SCDP is the English abbreviation, SC-the Same Customer, which is the “same customer group”, and DP-Different Products refers to “different industries or products”. In the current case, the IT industry and fast-moving consumer goods have a lot of different business cooperation. For example, Acer once worked with Master Kang, Lenovo and Coca-Cola. They all have the same target consumers, all of which are the younger generation of consumers.

How does the amusement industry conduct cross-border cooperation?

In contrast, the amusement industry is actually the same. It is not enough to attract people to attract people, and the flow of people attracted by one's own strength is limited. However, if you rely on the power of "others", you may be able to do more with less. Some of the successful cases already in the industry are also worth learning:

cross-border cooperation

 Cross-border cooperation

The first is to use a different industry, empowerment venues, and combine the marine zoo with amusement equipment – the Great World of the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef Happy World combines video game equipment with the world of marine animals. The family comes to the playground. Parents and children can experience both video games and marine animals. For them, the playground is no longer just a simple play. In the paradise, you can learn about marine knowledge and sea animals. It is invisible to let the park “add value”. Parents are also happy to bring children to the park and attract them instantly. a large number of players;

The second is to increase the topicality of the venue with the help of different industries, and the combination of online games and offline--the competitive video game park. The park cooperates with online mobile game competitions, uses online operational thinking to help the park create more new ways of operation, and organizes a large number of large-scale e-sports competitions, attracting a large number of e-sports enthusiasts to gather in the venue. The physical store introduces a large number of consumer groups with consumption power, where users can truly socialize and make up for the lack of online social gaming virtual socialization, creating two goals, creating a topic and creating a flow of people.

From the above examples, we can see that the amusement industry wants to establish cross-border cooperation. Before establishing cooperation, we must first define the purpose of our site cooperation. For example, the venue is in urgent need of attracting people to stimulate revenue. That is to attract the flow of people as the focus of cooperation. Then, when seeking a partner, since it is intended to attract people, it is first necessary to consider whether the main consumer groups of both parties are consistent. If your venue is a children's playground for children and parents, you should choose the target consumer group as a partner for children and parents. You can work together in the same business center or in a nearby clothing store, toy store, and so on. The clothing store can be a lot of money to buy a free park to play once, how much money the children's park is full of can get clothing store coupons and other forms of mutual flow of people, stimulate consumption of consumer groups, thereby increasing the flow of people.

In addition, the amusement industry can also dig deeper into cooperation with other formats and play more possibilities in order to make consumers refreshed and change their traditional concepts and ideas, thus fundamentally changing the current status of the venue.

Cross-industry cooperation can quickly realize resource integration, and in order to achieve the desired results of both parties, operators need to carefully ponder before and after cooperation. If you want to work in a different industry, you need a spirit of adventure. Being brave to try is the key to successful cross-industry cooperation. The amusement industry should try to combine with other industries. Perhaps the next industry explosion and hot spot is from your hand!

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