Those "good" electric games center, their machines, are all bought like this.
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2018-10-12 11:46:45
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Video game city, also called game hall, after ten years of development, both the policy norms and the improvement of business operators, the video game city has become more and more healthy, and at the same time, it is also characterized by its unique inclusiveness. Incorporating with other formats, today, there are fewer and fewer places for pure video games, and more are comprehensive video games such as children's playgrounds and outdoor playgrounds. But no matter which kind of playground, it is inseparable from the experience machine. At this time, the purchase of the machine has become the top priority of the video game city operators.

Those "good" electric games center, their machines, are all bought like this.

“Choice is more important than hard work.” What kind of work should the machine purchase?

1. Understand the size of the actual site: obtain a floor plan of the site, and make a simple machine distribution, such as the machine area, the placement of hot machines, the location of difficult to move the machine, etc.;

2, the popular type of machine: You can investigate the machine configuration of the same city video game city by investigating the machine configuration of the peer video game city;

3, understand the type of machine: video game city machine is divided into racing machine, gun machine, music machine, lottery machine, gift doll machine, arcade frame, coin machine, fun machine, etc.;

4, the purchase machine budget amount: list the machine configuration list, consult the manufacturer price of the machine;

5, determine the site operation center of gravity machine: determine the number of machine purchases by determining the site operation center of gravity machine;

6, understand the characteristics of the machine. The game machine belongs to the electronic mechanical equipment, and needs to know its power, display mode, vulnerable parts, and precautions for the maintenance machine in operation.

Those "good" electric games center, their machines, are all bought like this.

Then, you need to know more about the machine equipment, so what is it?

First, understand the types of video game equipment

Video game equipment is divided into: analog machine, lottery machine, amusement machine, frame machine and other major categories.

1, the simulator is mainly divided into: simulation of racing, shooting, music, gift leisure, sports, push coins and other small categories;

2, lottery machines are usually not divided into small categories;

3. The amusement machine is mainly divided into two categories: indoor and outdoor (bumper cars, swing machines, large-scale horses, etc.);

4. The frame machine is a screen type machine consisting of a frame + a game board. According to the game board, it is divided into fighting, puzzle, leisure, clearance, cards, mahjong, aircraft and other small categories;

Second, understand the characteristics of video game equipment (pros and cons)

Video game equipment belongs to electronic equipment. It is necessary to understand the voltage load, screen size and consumable parts used by it; what to pay attention to during maintenance, simple operation process, how to guide consumer customers, etc.

Third, understand the price of video game equipment

Like other products, video game equipment is circulated in the market, with public sales prices, wholesale prices, and peer operating prices of manufacturers and merchants. However, because the price of video game equipment in the whole market is not very transparent, the same type of machine may also be imported, domestically produced, and different manufacturers have different quality, so the price is not the same, so take more time to understand.

Those "good" electric games center, their machines, are all bought like this.

Fourth, understand the production location of video game equipment

Production sites are divided into domestic and imported. The OEM products of imported equipment and foreign products in China are generally able to guarantee the quality. The production of domestically produced products is correspondingly lower in terms of material selection and technical capabilities, but the prices of imported products and domestic OEM products are much higher.

Fifth, understand the production time of video game equipment 

If the production time of the same video game product is different, there may be differences between the technology and the materials used. For example, some devices used to be rear-projection in the display part. Due to the phasing out of rear projection, many device display parts have begun to use LCD monitors. As a result, the display resolution is improved and it is easy to repair and maintain. It is recommended to purchase the latest production products when purchasing.

6. Understand the word of mouth of video game equipment

The reputation of video game equipment is divided into performance and playability. If the performance of new video game products is not good and the sales are not good, it may soon be eliminated by the production enterprises; the playability is different in different regions, because local culture and taste are different, There are considerable differences.

In fact, the business of the video game city needs to know more than that. A "good" video game city, in addition to the purchase of the machine to be considered, in the decoration, team management, marketing and other aspects also need to work hard. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. As long as you calm down and learn and gradually put it into practice, I believe that your video game city will certainly gain something.

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