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SQV Multiplayers VR Shooting Virtual Reality game machine factory price
Multiplayer VR Shooting Game Machine

Multiplayer VR Shooting Game Machine

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Product Technical data:


Virtual Reality Theme Park Machine

Machine Language

English Version




43″ inch HD Large Screen


5.1 auto surrounding players


Strong power 4KW, more real feeling


110V & 220V, or voltage converter


4pcs computers,i5-7400S- Intel USA, Windows

Shooting Guns

4 sets PP Interactive Shooting Guns

VR Glasses

4sets, Stable and Clear OLED Screen HTC ps4 VR Glasses

Main Server

1 Main Server Control 4 computers


1pc, Wind Blower


10sets Vibration Spare Parts

Game time

8 mins



Special Effects 4 kinds

Vibration, Spray Air, Wind, Lightning


Family Joy, Team Building, Party Enjoy, Game Play, Adventure Seeker,Couple Date, Commercial Business, Rental, etc

This product is exhibiting the following feature:

◆ vr;

Trading Information:

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union, Credit card

Original: China

Shipping: Sea, Air
• Transparent and fair price   • Online tracking

Multiplayer VR Shooting Game Machine
Product Description
  • Motion simulator

  • 3 DOF dynamic simulator platform provides an excellent immersive experience.

  • New design

  • Brand new ergonomic design, more comfortable.

  • FRP material

  • Fiber Reinforced Polymer material construction, reliable and environmentally friendly.


Multiplayer Vr Shooting Game Machine is the newest VR equipment brought our by Guangzhou Omazing VR factory that multiplayer can hold the guns to shooting in the room without limited. The players just need to put on the ps4 HTC glasses and then can enjoy the limiteless shooting experience.

It is based on the HTC VIVE integrated operation scheme. It supports multiplayer online interaction. It is an HTC vive shooting simulator, which could track player’s position, movement, direction. What are you doing, what it will move & feedback to the game. When players wear the 360°virtual reality glasses, he will completely immerse himself in the virtual reality world, unlock the future of the game world.

Multiplayer Vr Shooting Game Machine can be said to be safe for all ages, men, and women, rich excitement shooting games, with good-handle PPGun and bring you real feel shocking experience and expression, you can help to play again and again! Repeat Business is most possible!

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Multiplayer VR Shooting Game Machine

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