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SQV 360° Kingkong VR Virtual Reality game machine factory price
360° Kingkong VR

360° Kingkong VR

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Product Technical data:

Product name360 VR KingKong







Warranty12 Month

SystemElectric System

Packingbubble pack+stretch films+wood frame/wood box

Delivery Time7-10 working day

Trading Information:

Payment Term: T/T, Western Union, Credit card

Original: China

Shipping: Sea, Air
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Exclusive customer service

Sarah Sun
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360° Kingkong VR
Product Description

What is the 360 King Kong VR simulator?

It is a mini theater, it broke the shackles of the modern world, to provide a window to the virtual world. Here, you will enjoy the miracle of time travel experience, 360° Omni-directional rotation, really virtual reality experience with a cool appearance with entire cockpit design make the people integrate into the equipment.

Cool appearance design, high immersion effects, accurate motion simulation, a variety of high-quality 9D VR video and interactive games, VR entertainment equipment, we just want to give you the best!


Interactive and strong immersion games, thrilling 360° rotary film effect; unique dynamic effects, hair, sweep legs, earthquake shares, back effects

VR Contents:

360° Kingkong VR content

360° Kingkong VR

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