How to do well in-store and off-site promotion
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2018-05-26 15:37:22
shikewei    2018-05-26 15:41:49

In recent years, with the rapid development of the video game industry, the number of brands and numbers of video game franchise stores has gradually increased. The promotion of in-store and out-of-store promotions is the cornerstone of sales promotion and the focus of day-to-day business activities. Some game city operators often complain that the business is difficult to do, competition is very large, marketing and promotion are rarely used, let alone thoroughly used. The promotion of the video game city not only refers to the propaganda at the beginning of the business, but also includes more systematic and more planned propaganda after the operation. From an economical and practical point of view, leaflets are the best effect and are the magic weapon used by many operators.

First, shop promotion. The purpose of out-of-store publicity is to attract the attention of passers-by while allowing passers-by to see the existence of a video game city. The specific equipment is to arrange an advertising umbrella to place some kind of video game equipment such as a claw crane machine, a boxing machine, a basketball machine, etc., and to attract the attention of the music of the animation game equipment. The employees of the video game city put on uniform uniforms to distribute flyers or posters to passers-by. Introduce the shop and encourage them to go in and watch. Interested people can invite them to try for free and reach a certain score to send gifts. Outside the shop promotion, as long as they can attract passers-by to get eyeballs, let them know that there is a home appliance play city even if there is success.

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Second, store promotion. The purpose of the in-store publicity is to let customers know the latest promotions and event information of this video game city. The staff at the front desk handled the X display stand, the bulletin board, the cashier's instruction board, and the LCD publicity screen. They were neatly arranged, and the old publicity materials were promptly removed. In addition, a warning sign is placed directly in front of each game console. Players can see the sign when they are playing a power truck game console, and the front desk staff should take the initiative to introduce the latest promotions of the store to customers. Activity information, to promote consumer spending.

Therefore, the promotion of in-store and out-of-store promotion of the game city franchise stores is the basis for ensuring the profitability of the video game city. As operators, they must try their best to promote this one piece of advertising so as to increase the sales of the video game city.

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