Children's Indoor Park Children's Park Investment
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Children's amusement parks, children's indoor parks, vr experience halls, and indoor theme parks have recovered rapidly after the new covid-19 epidemic. The popularity and revenue of children's castles in various supermarkets and commercial entities have returned to their pre-epidemic income levels.

Children's Indoor Park Children's Park Investment

Growth paradise, children's city, playground, parent-child paradise, whether it is popularity or the speed of attracting money, the speed of return is relatively high in the commercial center.

Parent-child paradise investors Investors open a children's club, children's amusement park, children's development, children's video game storefront is a very ideal investment. There is still a certain threshold for the location, equipment selection, project selection, drainage, and establishment of an internal management system. I will introduce the children's park investors in detail here.

1. Project investigation and research

Before opening the store, we investigate the market prospects, whether there are investment thresholds and policy access, etc. At present, under the favorable policy of China's comprehensive opening of second-child and three-station, we believe that the market performance and revenue of amusement parks such as theme amusement parks, children's playgrounds, indoor amusement parks, and amusement parks will increase in the future. Most households spend on such aspects as indoor rock climbing gyms, children's development parks, video game malls, and children's life halls, which will definitely increase the proportion of total household expenditures.

Therefore, we believe that the investment and construction of children's clubs in residential communities and large-scale communities is of course a super good physical project.

Generally speaking, the contracted area of Amusement City can be of any size, as small as tens of square meters. The usable area of large flagship stores can be from 1,000 square meters to tens of thousands of square meters of indoor projects, and the total investment can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of square meters. There are tens of millions.

I believe that with our assistance, we can help the amusement park from the feasibility report of the site and the planning and design of the site, to the matching of popular projects and equipment selection, equipment planning and design, and operation management. Our team has 30 years of industry experience. It is not difficult for investors to open a high-profit park to achieve sustained profitability.

2. Market research

Investigate the determined market environment, including which age group the planned customer group mainly includes, the approximate number of suitable groups, and the local consumption level. By clarifying the specific number of target customers, the size of the naughty castle park can be determined; mainly which age group can be used as the reference target for the children's expansion park amusement equipment in the planning plan.

The research on the level of local consumption can help the accurate positioning of children's amusement parks and the establishment of pricing standards. Reasonable market research is essential if you want to open a parent-child paradise with stable profits and prospects. The brand will have professional market teachers to assist entrepreneurs in conducting market research.

Before the children's park is ready to open, it is necessary to do local market research

The main points of market research:

The crowd concentration points within 3 kilometers of the proposed store opening: the number of target customers’ children, the proportion of the population; the number of floating population, age structure, gender ratio; the education structure and income status of the target population; total resident population, age structure

Third, the following decisions need to be made

Investigate children's naughty castles, children's theme parks, and determine whether the local area is suitable for children's amusement projects and children's playgrounds. If it can fit, how much area do you need to open? Choose skill amusement city, children's video game city? Charge level? If you are cooperating with a franchise company recently, which brand will you cooperate with in the project introduction? Determine a specific business plan. If you are looking for an amusement company in the future, what grade of equipment will you use? Which popular amusement children's theme parks, children's sports halls?

Video game + children's playground is a good combination. If you decide to do it, you need to consider several factors:

Joining or looking for a manufacturer: Joining a brand or looking for an amusement equipment manufacturer to plan and do it yourself. It depends on your familiarity and ability with the industry.

Promotion and drainage method: If you have money, ask a professional company to do it. If you don’t have money, you can learn and do it yourself.

Positioning: children's video games, the size, grade, and investment of indoor theme parks. It is mainly to refer to competitors and assist professional manufacturers to make playground children's clubs, children's expansion parks and differentiated layout of equipment.

4. Location selection

Indoor playground children playground location selection

High population density, large flow of people, surging crowds, large flow of people such as commercial real estate and pedestrian streets, places with large flow of people such as supermarkets, etc., the place is to establish, to set up, to set up animation city, children's amusement city is Pretty good location. The store should be located in a more suitable location: large, medium and small shopping malls, street-facing stores in cities below the third tier, large, medium and small shopping malls, and other densely populated spots, which can ensure a fairly good passenger flow.

Places where there are many types of stores such as mother and child-children are also the best places to set up children's amusement projects and children's cities. For stores such as children's playgrounds that target children such as children, if it is with children's city, children's shoe store, children's clothing store, Customers such as children's restaurants are located where the stores of children in this group are concentrated, which can attract more target consumer groups to enter the store for consumption. Open a shop in the above-mentioned location, the target customers are concentrated, and the business is relatively easy to do.

Our site suggestion:

Fire protection: The building has to pass the first match. If your store is larger than 300 square meters, you must declare the second match yourself. Never sign a contract with an owner who has never passed a match, there is a risk of closing down at any time;

License: The pre-approval department, if you want to do it, it is best to communicate with the cultural department first. Prevent non-compliance with policy. Such as less than 200 meters from the school or something.

Power consumption: Calculate the power consumption according to 10 square meters per kilowatt

Floor height: The higher the floor space, the better, which is convenient for some climbing projects and children's video game equipment in Naughty Castle Paradise. It is best not to be less than 2.7 meters clear height.

Note: According to the regulations of our country, it cannot be set up more than the third floor and below the first floor

Five. Children's playground design:

For the planning and design of the park project and the environmental art design, the information that those who are going to invest need to provide include children's indoor park, indoor children's play area, children's castle, naughty castle park floor plan and specific requirements of investors, and then our designers will Based on the information you provided and the previous research results, the first draft of the park's drawings was designed and planned.

In the near future, the R&D manufacturer will directly introduce the drawings. After the drawings and planning are completed, we will give the investment amount of the entire designed paradise. In the future, if a professional design company is responsible for the design, it is necessary to communicate the price with the equipment factory with the drawings. For the profiles of different brand manufacturers, the price of the equipment is of course different.

We strongly recommend that the owners of children's playgrounds should not determine the style of the playground based on personal preferences. Because you want to make money from local children and their parents' money. You need to communicate with our planning designers about the local cultural situation and the decoration design situation of competitors. We will design the most scientific and reasonable plan based on the local situation and advanced design cases in the industry.

Playgrounds and children's entertainment usually cooperate with some single projects, such as: dollhouse, Mars drift bumper car field, sand pool, children's video games, electric drift car field, doll house, million ball pool, etc. We will recommend popular amusement equipment to investors based on previous market research and store positioning. As for the quality and price issues, you can rest assured that our company has been in the business for nearly 30 years, and has been engaged in the R&D, production and operation of children's play equipment. The quality and price are absolutely guaranteed, which is very suitable.


6. Preparation for opening

After confirming the venue, we can renovate the venue. Can we do some preparatory work while renovating? Machine debugging, such as the handling of relevant documents, publicity activities for opening, cleanliness, such as the handling of relevant documents, etc.

Children's naughty castle, indoor amusement parks need to do advertising promotion before opening is very important work

Important details before opening:

Implementation of store promotion measures and arrangement of in-store activities during the opening period

Employee recruitment and establishment of rules and regulations

Commissioning, installation and maintenance of amusement equipment before opening.

Sanitary treatment of the park, as well as formaldehyde removal treatment;

Purchase and display of gifts in the store; post and improve materials for activities in the store.

7. Operation management

After the official opening of the park, if you want to operate steadily and continue to make profits, operation management is essential!

It can be said that the management of the children's playground is the only way to make money

Children's experience hall, indoor playground

Daily operation management points

Paradise training system

The daily management regulations of the park

The daily promotion and drainage method of the park

Park Fire, Safety and Hygiene Management System

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