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Children's Castle Children's Development Park 1000 flat Indoor Children's Park Investment Budget

in the mischievous Castle of Hezhou, amusement equipment manufacturers, children's video games, Happy Kingdom have been greatly repaired after the COVID-19 epidemic, and the user flow and revenue of children's video games in all commercial bodies and supermarkets have returned to the level before the epidemic.

large video game cities, game cities, professional experience halls, amusement parks, no matter in terms of popularity or money-making speed, the cost recovery rate is now very high in the business center.

Video game city owners open a professional experience hall, children's development, children's theme park, children's castle store is an ideal investment. No matter from the site selection, project collocation, store promotion, and the establishment of the internal management system, there is still a big threshold for the park storefront. Let me introduce

to the amusement park owner in detail.
one, inspect the project

We need to investigate the market prospect and whether there is an investment threshold before deciding to open a store. At present, our country has fully opened the policy of two-child and three-child, optimistically believe that the market capacity and scale of theme amusement park, dinosaur theme park, indoor children's play and parent-child park will continue to enlarge in the future. The average urban household spending on areas such as baby amusement parks, indoor amusement parks, children's playgrounds and children's playgrounds will definitely account for a significant increase in the total household expenditure.

therefore, we believe that the investment in setting up a video game park in shopping malls and pedestrian streets is of course a quite nice physical project.

generally speaking, the size of the children's amusement park can be as small as dozens of square meters, and the use area of large flagship stores can be done for indoor projects ranging from a thousand square meters to tens of thousands of square meters, with total investment ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions of square meters.

I believe that with our assistance, we can go from site feasibility report and site planning and design to equipment selection plus project selection, equipment planning and design, operation and management. Our team has 30 years of experience, helping amusement park investors to open a high-yield park and make a long-term profit.

II. Market research

examine the market environment determined, including which age group the planned customer group mainly includes, the approximate number of people, the level of local consumption, and so on. Defining the specific number of target customers will help to determine the size of the Naughty Castle Park; it is mainly which children and children of age can be used as reference targets for selecting popular equipment in the skill amusement park.

the survey results of spending power can help the scientific positioning of indoor amusement parks and the establishment of park pricing standards. Investment in a good naughty Castle Park accurate market research is essential, the brand will have professional marketing teachers to assist entrepreneurs in market research.

the market tone before the opening of the children's park is very important

main points of market research:

the concentration point of passenger flow within three kilometers of the store to be opened: the number of floating population, age structure, sex ratio; the educational structure and income status of the target population; the total resident population, age structure; the number of children of target customers, the proportion of the population

3. Next, we need to make a decision

investigate indoor amusement parks and children's indoor parks, and determine whether the local area is suitable for naughty Castle Park and children's clubs. If it is suitable in the future, how much area do you need? The project introduces children's playground, children's castle? Pricing level? If it is to cooperate with the joining company, what brand of the park's one-stop service will cooperate? Determine the specific business plan. Recently, if you are looking for an amusement company, you want to discuss the equipment and grade to be used? Which popular amusement children's video game city, amusement city?

Video game + children's park is a very good combination. If you decide to make a good combination, you need to consider several factors:
join or find a manufacturer : join a brand or find an amusement equipment manufacturer to do it yourself. It depends on your familiarity and ability to the industry.
promote drainage : if you have money, ask a professional company to do it. If you have no money, do it yourself.
Positioning : the size, grade and investment of children's video games, amusement city, and investment. Mainly refer to competitors, assist professional manufacturers to do park indoor amusement park, indoor children's amusement and equipment differential layout.

IV, location selection

Children's playground location

large and medium-sized communities and other densely populated areas, such as large and medium-sized communities, such as densely populated areas, and other places are set up, are established, are set up, are set up for children's video games, children's expansion of the park is a very good location. The site is selected in a more suitable location: street-facing stores, commercial streets and pedestrian streets with large pedestrian flow in cities below line 3, and other dense points of pedestrian flow, so that there can be a certain basic flow of people.

places with more mother-child-children shops are also better places for opening animation cities and children's sports halls, and storefronts that target target groups such as children's playgrounds, such as children's amusement parks, if you can target children's stores with children's clothing stores, toy stores, children's cities, children's shoes stores and other customers, it can attract a lot of target customers to consume. To set up shop in these places, the target customers are more concentrated and the business is easy to do.
our location suggestion :
license: pre-examination and approval department. If you want to do it, you'd better communicate with the culture department first. Prevent it from being inconsistent with the policy. For example, it is less than 200 meters away from the school.

Power: calculate the capacity according to 10 square meters per kilowatt

Room height: the higher the floor space, the better. It is convenient for some climbing projects and role-playing areas: fire protection, police station, hospital, supermarket, school and other sports hall projects. It is best not to be less than 2.7 meters in net height.

Don't: according to the regulations of our country, you can't set up


below the third floor and the first floor. the building should be eliminated once. If your store is more than 300square meters, you should also declare the second consumption by yourself. Never sign a contract with an owner who has never been eliminated, for there is a risk of going out of business at any time.

five. Children's Park Design :

for park environment design and project planning , investors need to provide us with some information including children's amusement project, children's city area, indoor playground, playground plan and park requirements, and then the designer will design the park drawings according to the information you provide and the local actual situation.

if the drawing is drawn directly from the introduction of the brand factory, after the drawing and planning are completed, we will give the investment to the park of the whole design. In the future, a professional design company will be responsible for the design, then we need to take the drawing and communicate the price with the equipment. For different manufacturers, the quotations for the equipment are not the same.

We strongly suggest that friends who are going to be a park should not decide the design style of the park solely on the basis of their personal likes and dislikes. Because you serve the money of local children and their parents. You must communicate with our designers about the decoration design of local competitors, and we will combine the local situation with the advanced design cases of the industry to make the most suitable local design plan.

Children's entertainment, indoor theme parks usually cooperate with some individual projects, such as: children's video games, Mars drift bumper car park, electric drift car park, million ball pool, dollhouse, sand pool, dollhouse and so on. We will recommend popular amusement equipment to investors based on previous market research and store positioning. As for the price and quality, you can rest assured that our company has been engaged in the research, development, production and operation of children's recreation equipment for almost 30 years.

VI. Preparation before opening

determine whether the store can be decorated, and whether we can start some preparations for opening during the decoration process. The printing of all kinds of tickets and leaflets, cleaning and hygiene, staff training, publicity activities for the opening of the park, machine debugging, etc.
Children's experience Center, advertising and promotion for children's naughty castle before opening is the first priority
important details before opening :

park's sanitary treatment, and formaldehyde removal treatment;

staff recruitment and establishment of rules and regulations

pre-opening amusement equipment debugging, installation and maintenance.

implementation of advertising promotion measures and arrangement of activities in the store during the opening period

gifts are purchased and placed in the store; materials for activities in the store are posted and improved.

VII, Operation and Management

after the opening of the Indoor Park, assuming that you want to operate stably and make a sustained profit, operation management is essential!

it can be said that good operation and management of Children's Paradise means making money

Children's theme Park, Animation City
key points of Daily Management

Paradise training system
Paradise Daily Management regulations
Paradise Fire, Safety and Health Management system
Paradise Daily Shop Promotion methods

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