How much does it cost Dali to open an intelligent interactive gymnasium?
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2022-07-30 13:44:51
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how much does it cost Dali to open an intelligent interactive stadium

with the improvement of people's quality of life, the country and people pay more and more attention to physical exercise. Nowadays, many people are paying attention to the healthy attitude towards physical exercise.

the former gym and gymnasium, for some friends, the threshold is relatively a little bit, sports training feels boring and has no motivation to continue! After playing a few times, many people just can't hold on. The more and more popular digital interactive analog gymnasium, the rational use of sports science, exercise physiology, acousto-optoelectronics, image capture, machinery, sports science and other cutting-edge multi-disciplinary technology, developed a real sports play, deep somatosensory, immersive electronic simulation experience hall. Let customers, let people, let players feel the charm of science and technology, complete sports fitness, experience sports charm is the most interesting is that customers can enjoy a long time experience, do not think too much about physical problems, the key point is that the experience is not tiring, the biggest feature is that players do not need too much physical strength to experience a variety of simulated sports equipment for a long time! I asked you if you smelled good.

How much does it cost Dali to open an intelligent interactive gymnasium?
Digital Gymnasium equipment

now some investors who smell the opportunity of digital gymnasium have accurately found the novelty and huge business opportunity of intelligent interactive gymnasium. With the help of our support and operation team, we have opened stores all over the country, which is going well and attracting a lot of money. So far, our team has helped investors set up more than 50 ai simulation training halls in China. Basically, most of the projects only need to be opened locally, without exception, causing a sensation in the local entertainment service industry, guests lingering, crowded, huge revenue.

Digital Gymnasium equipment
How much does it cost Dali to open an intelligent interactive gymnasium?

for the consultation of some clients, how much does it cost to run an ai simulation training hall? let me give a brief introduction to my friends.

projects to be invested in the site :

location: different business costs are different in different cities and cities.
Decoration: grade of decoration
area: area of the site
equipment: the cost of purchasing different equipment grades is different

combined with the consumption situation of different cities in our country and the actual situation of some customers' venues, we try to give investors a rough average amount of investment for your reference only:

100sqm: 300000-600000
200sqm: 70-90w
500sq m: 1.5 million-2.2 million
1000 sq m: calculated on the basis of 3000 yuan per square meter

therefore, although the digital interactive sports hall has a strong ability to attract money, it still has a certain degree of professionalism and a large threshold when it comes to its own investment. Division I can provide national door-to-door free inspection planning and effect drawings, bosses in need are welcome to communicate! <

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