How much does it cost to open a digital interactive sports hall in Zhanjiang?
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2022-07-16 15:38:19
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how much does it cost to open a digital interactive sports hall in Zhanjiang

now some shrewd investors have keenly captured the money-absorbing ability and huge business opportunities of the ai Simulation experience Hall, and with the support of our team, they have begun to open stores all over the country, seize the city and seize the tide of cash collection. So far, our company has assisted investors in the construction of nearly 100 digital interactive sports halls. Basically, once most of the projects are launched locally, they are all without exception, causing a sensation in the local entertainment service industry, full of customers and shops.

How much does it cost to open a digital interactive sports hall in Zhanjiang?
Digital Gymnasium equipment

with the rapid improvement of the living standards of the people of the whole country in the new century, China and the people are paying more and more attention to sports and fitness, and now a large number of people are beginning to pay attention to the correct exercise and healthy lifestyle.

before the gym and gym, compared with many friends, the threshold is still relatively high, but also boring! The first few times when the novelty was gone, most of them stopped and backed down in the face of difficulties. The increasingly popular digital interactive analog gymnasium, the rational use of sports science, sports physiology, machinery, image capture, acousto-optoelectronic and other multi-disciplinary technology, to create a deep sense of body, real sports play, fully analog electronic simulation training hall. Let experience, let customers, let people complete exercise and fitness, feel the charm of science and technology, the biggest feature of which is that players do not need to use too much physical strength to experience a variety of simulated sports equipment for a long time. The most interesting thing is that customers can enjoy a long experience, do not have to think too much about physical problems, the key point is that the experience is not tiring! Just ask everyone, isn't it fragrant?

How much does it cost to open a digital interactive sports hall in Zhanjiang?
Digital Stadium equipment

for the consultation of some customers, how much money does it take to open an electronic simulation experience hall? let me give a brief introduction to my friends.

main part of investment :

location: different cities, different commercial locations, different costs
equipment: what price grade equipment to use
area: how much area the site uses
Decoration: different grades of decoration

considering the actual situation of customers in cities with different consumption levels in China, we try to give investors a rough, relative average investment quota for reference only for friends:

100sqm: 30-60w
200sqm: 70w-90w
500sq m: 1.5 million-2.2 million
1000 sq m: calculated on the basis of about 3000 yuan per square meter

therefore, the intelligent interactive gymnasium is really popular and has a strong ability to attract money, but there is still a high degree of difficulty and threshold for investment. Our team can do free national door-to-door planning and inspection and issue color pictures. Interested friends are welcome to communi

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