Meizhou amusement storage shelf machine factory
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Meizhou amusement storage shelf machine sub-factory

Someone called Skoway, the price of the theme amusement park in Changning City, the R & D manufacturing plant of the children's slide, and the knowledge of the choice of the parent-child park.

Meizhou amusement storage shelf machine factory
Naughty Fort Paradise is generally composed of the following parts:

Meizhou amusement storage shelf machine factory
10 Children's Catering
3 Ocean Ball Pool
7 Handicraft area
9 Gift Show area
11 Battery area bumper cars
3 Ocean Ball Pool

A place suitable for parent-child paradise children's naughty castle to open shop:

Pedestrian street; community residential area; pedestrian street;

Meizhou amusement storage shelf machine factory
Popular items and equipment in the video game park and amusement area are:
Children's entertainment
Amusement park facilities
Children rock climbing
Baby products
Electric fire engine
Water equipment
New amusement equipment

If you want to open a parent-child park in Kunming, you can contact us and provide you with: -popular amusement project collocation
-provide brand authorization, shopping mall negotiation materials, shopping mall negotiation
-popular amusement project collocation
-free door-to-door inspection, provide feasibility report
-provide environmental design, national site door-to-door decoration construction
-factory price to provide amusement equipment and video game equipment

our advantages
Reasonable price, cost-effective, support customers to customize
own factory production and assembly, rapid delivery
proprietary logistics, cargo damage company compensation
30 years, R & D and production of more than 1000 types of amusement equipment
2018 national high-tech enterprises, excellent technical ability
general taxpayer qualification, has participated in large-scale bidding fairs many times

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