Anqing amusement park amusement park equipment manufacturer
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Anqing amusement park amusement park equipment manufacturer

Some people need to know the price of children's trampoline in the animation city of Caofeidian District, and the knowledge of the choice of indoor rock climbing pavilions.

A video game park is generally made up of the following parts:

Anqing amusement park amusement park equipment manufacturer
12 Electric kart area
2 Trampoline
7 Handicraft area
4 Children's Sports Hall equipment
3 Ocean Ball Pool
1 naughty Castle Park
12 Electric kart area

Suitable venue for children's amusement park and children's mall to open shop:

Location of dense pedestrian flow; community residential area; shopping mall; pedestrian street;

Anqing amusement park amusement park equipment manufacturer
The new exotic projects and products of Naughty Castle Park and Amusement City are:
Indoor Paradise for Children
Swimming pool equipment
Kindergarten desks and chairs
Stage frame
Sand table
Children's game console
Video game city equipment

If you want to open a parent-child park in Dazhou, you can contact us and provide you with: -provide environmental design, national site door-to-door decoration construction
-provide network-wide marketing and drainage planning before opening
-standardized management and operation of children's park site
-provide brand authorization, shopping mall negotiation materials, shopping mall negotiation
-free door-to-door inspection, provide feasibility study
-popular amusement project combination
-factory price to provide amusement equipment and video game equipment

our advantages
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