How much does it cost to open a VR experience hall in Harbin recently?
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2022-04-12 14:09:52
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how much is the rental of vr equipment / how much does it cost to open a VR experience hall in Harbin recently

How much does it cost to open a VR experience hall in Harbin recently?
vr Game console experience Museum has been doing well in China in the last two years. During the expansion of the VR experience Museum, the VR Virtual reality experience Museum is mainly used for customers to watch 3D movies that can only be seen in the cinema. With the progress of the times and science and technology, the VR equipment library can not only watch three-dimensional movies, but also:
immersive experience of game content, game interaction, watching movies

some types of vr Virtual reality experience Museum:
How much does it cost to open a VR experience hall in Harbin recently?

vr Science and Technology experience Museum
vr Drug Control knowledge experience Center
vr Building Safety experience Museum
vr Science Education experience Museum
vr Amusement Game experience Museum
vr Fire fighting knowledge experience Museum
vr Virtual reality experience Museum

vr experience Museum

vr video games
limit Sports
shooting military
Motor Racing
Flight and Space
Children's Amusement
Science and Education

prices of vr Amusement Museum products
How much does it cost to open a VR experience hall in Harbin recently?
in general VR equipment library equipment is relatively expensive, customers need to consult the manufacturer's latest price.
vr Science Education experience Hall Decoration cost
No matter what kind of vr fire fighting knowledge experience museum decoration cost, the decoration cost is generally determined according to decoration materials and decoration style. No matter what style and theme it is, decoration materials should be healthy and safe, green and environmentally friendly. You can choose the decoration style that the public prefer.

General mainstream vr Science and Technology Museum
experience Hall
vr experience Hall Decoration cost is about 300 yuan-800 /square meter

vr Science Education experience Hall
vr Fire Protection knowledge Museum

-vr Fire Protection knowledge Center experts believe that subway stations and highway rest stations are not common. To choose
-vr fire protection knowledge experience museum should be selected at the passenger station. Supermarkets, pedestrian streets, commercial bodies and dense flow of people, stop points.
-the qualification of vr Fire Protection knowledge experience Museum should be approved. After the disappearance of some owners, our store will encounter a lot of trouble in fire control approval in the future.
-vr Fire Protection knowledge experience Center according to national policy, such places can only be on the 1st-3rd floor; the location is next to the elevator, catering area, atrium, online celebrity shop, toilet
-vr Fire Protection knowledge experience Museum within 3 kilometers, consumers should be mainly young consumers; old residential areas and industrial areas must not choose

according to the above, the investment quota for the vr game console experience hall is roughly as follows:

rent, equipment, store deposit, decoration cost. Skoway Animation feels that the investment budget of vr Pavilion needs to take into account the regional economic level accordi

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