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Huanggang theme Park Children's Trojan Machine Factory
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Huanggang theme Park Children's Trojan Machine Factory

Some friends need to consult the price of aluminum alloy stage in the Children's Sports Hall in Linshui County, and the knowledge of the choice of amusement equipment manufacturers.

Huanggang theme Park Children's Trojan Machine Factory
A video game park is generally made up of multiple amusement parts:

Huanggang theme Park Children's Trojan Machine Factory
10 Children's Catering
7 Handicraft area
4 Children's Sports Hall equipment
8 role-playing
2 Trampoline
6 simulated driving School

A suitable place to open a parent-child themed restaurant in a children's amusement park:

Location of dense flow of people; supermarket; location of dense flow of people; shopping mall;

Huanggang theme Park Children's Trojan Machine Factory
Popular items and equipment for children's amusement in a video game park are:
Amusement equipment
Large slide
Children's swimming pool
Children's toy store
Children's excavator
Stage frame
Sand table

If you want to open a naughty castle park in Hami, you can contact us and provide you with: -Free door-to-door inspection, provide feasibility study
-factory price provides amusement equipment and video game equipment
-provide environmental design, national site door-to-door decoration construction
-provide brand authorization, shopping mall negotiation materials, shopping mall negotiation
-standardized management and operation of children's park site
-provide pre-opening network marketing drainage planning
-popular amusement project mix

our advantages
Self-owned factory production and assembly, rapid delivery
during the warranty period, major components are only replaced but not repaired
general taxpayer qualification, have participated in large-scale bidding fairs
whole quality guarantee for one year, life-long maintenance;
has been engaged in for 30 years, R & D and production of more than 1000 types of
proprietary logistics, cargo transportation and damage companies guarantee and indemnify
at reasonable prices, cost-effective, and support customer customization.

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