What are the time periods for the promotion of children's amusement park activities?
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2021-05-26 19:22:19
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When it comes to promotion, what do you think? Ad run? Network promotion? Circle of Friends promotion? Channel promotion? Pushing? Still is...... Promotional tools are varied, but the goal is always the same for brand or product promotion and improve sales performance.

Take the promotion of children's amusement parks, its target group is children, but also parents and friends, how to occupy their minds, so that their amusement park become their king, become the first choice. First of all, your store location is relatively close to their circle of life, travel in the past is more convenient. The second is to meet the needs of parents, friends and children in different identities for children's amusement parks.

To meet the needs of parents, friends and children with different identities for children's amusement park

For parents, your store equipment safety and environmental protection, good service attitude, perfect management mechanism, attractive promotional activities are the decisive factors to make a good impression on them, and for children, your shop equipment is fun and fun, from time to time will receive shop assistant rewards, can meet new small partners and so on are the driving force they want to play.

Today for you to say is, how to choose the promotion point in time to make the promotion effect better, the audience is broader, which of course does not just rely on concessions, encyance activities to achieve, more need marketing cooperation, and promotion of the point in time scientific arrangements.

If it is a ground push activity, shop staff and part-time issuers as the main force pushing the front line, according to their promotional results, may be considered into the performance appraisal, for the performance of good employees or part-time staff pay rise, so to encourage everyone to be proactive to convert potential users into deals.

1. Winter and summer vacation children's amusement park season

Every winter and summer vacation, is the "bear children" peak period, weekday parents and friends will take time off work to accompany their children to the amusement park, or wait until the weekend to take them to play, so that the children are relatively worry-free, they will be rescued from the busy. During working days, grandparents, grandmothers, grandmothers, grandfathers and elders take their children out to play, amusement parks are also one of their preferred places, after all, the elderly have limited energy, bring them to the amusement park can entertain themselves can also meet new friends.

How can children learn and play together without worrying about their day's food and clothing? In this regard, advocates that children's paradise "teach in music" image, to create a satisfactory children to eat, drink, play, music, learning outstanding growth hall, so that parents can rest assured that children sent to children's playground. At the same time, you can also launch a series of preferential benefits policy, theme activities and so on are possible.

Let parents rest assured to send their children to children's paradise

2. Weekend popularity is better than weekdays

Every weekend promotion, online from Monday to Friday to do a good job of warm-up publicity work, warm-up publicity work is premised on the need for everyone to operate their own shop user community, official work micro-signal friends circle to release activities related information, such as posters, copy, with preferential information of the public number tweets, etc. , these can be synchronized to the WeChat community, the first time to inform old users, let them know the activities in advance.

Weekend activities push, the same as on the line, is also a few days in advance to the surrounding business circles, life circles some children haunt the place to declare, such as flyer pages, as well as the distribution of some corresponding small gifts, such as balloons with QR code, this code can be a public number QR code can also be a community QR code.

3. Every night from 7 to 10 p.m

Every night from 7 to 10 o'clock is also an important time period for children's playground operation, this is the parents and friends off-duty time, if the children's playground location is close to the supermarket, parents after work to the supermarket procurement, will generally choose to take their children to play for a while.

At this time, children's amusement park stores placed some cartoon gas models to attract the attention of past children, you can also wear cartoon clothes to send a single page, or place some interactive equipment, can let children experience for free.

Children's amusement park stores put some cartoon models to attract the attention of children in the past

4. During the holidays

Like the up to The Children's Day is a good time to promote, can be used to carry out the 61 theme activities, such as parent-child competitions, family games and other activities, to help enhance user stickiness, but also with the help of activities to collect materials secondary publicity shop.

These are some prime time periods for children's amusement park activities promotion, it is suggested that we can focus on the theme activities strategy, store celebration strategy, toy sales strategy, free experience strategy, holiday promotion strategy, trade-in strategy, children's file strategy, mutual benefit and win-win strategy and other ideas to carry out activities.

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