Outdoor scenic amusement park design needs attention to factors
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2020-11-30 14:02:09
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1, children's outdoor scenic play needs

Children in the outdoor activities, more sun can improve immunity, and a broad space and perspective can improve and extend children's imagination and creativity, and improve their understanding and understanding of things, so a large number of parents often take their children to outdoor activities.

2, outdoor scenic amusement park venues and amusement facilities security

Scenic outdoor amusement facilities are mainly aimed at children's age groups, for children, safety is to put first, then designers need to focus on the design of equipment and facilities safety and playability, and set the location is difficult for vehicles to enter.Amusement park of outdoor scenic spot

An amusement park in an outdoor scenic spot

3, outdoor scenic play equipment facilities of the age applicability and comprehensive function (disability, learning)

Outdoor rides in the scenic area will vary according to age groups and are more comprehensive, taking into account deployments for people with disabilities, etc. The design is more comprehensive and reasonable.

4, outdoor scenic play equipment site line optimization

Scenic amusement equipment in the planning and design of the line will choose the high circulation of people, but from the safety, generally will not choose the location of large traffic. And line planning is reasonable, smooth, convenient. While playing, you can also enjoy the scenery along the road

5, outdoor scenic play equipment site ground materials

In the design of amusement equipment in scenic areas, the choice of ground is very important, different ground materials, functionality are different. Generally do not use concrete and asphalt materials, because this material is too hard, and there is no shock-absorbing function, grass flat is not particularly suitable, lawn shock-absorbing function is not very good. Outdoor scenic play equipment ground materials use a higher rubber material, shock-absorbing effect is good, high safety, the price is reasonable.Amusement park of outdoor scenic spot

An amusement park in an outdoor scenic spot

6, outdoor scenic amusement equipment site shade, wind shielding effect

Scenic rides are generally planned and designed in a location with dense woods around them, as they can shade and keep out the wind. So that summer is not too hot, winter is not too cold.

7, outdoor scenic play equipment venues for water games

Each outdoor scenic spot in the play location will basically be equipped with some water projects, the reason is actually very simple, water is not only children like very much, but also with feng shui has a certain relationship.

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