Indoor children's playgrounds must operate in such a differentiated way to make money
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2020-05-18 15:53:33
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Nowadays, indoor children's playgrounds are in full swing in major cities and shopping malls. In addition to all kinds of children's playground equipment, indoor children's playgrounds must operate in such a differentiated way to make money. New and unique decoration design is bound to be eye-catching for every children's playground. The iconic feature, and the decoration design of the excellent indoor children ’s playground is an important factor to avoid homogenization of the children ’s playground. The following sqv will tell you how to avoid serious problems of homogenization in children's playgrounds.

Indoor children's playgrounds must operate in such a differentiated way to make money

Indoor children's playgrounds are in full swing in all major cities and shopping malls. In addition to all kinds of children's playground equipment, new and unique decoration design is inevitably a visually eye-catching iconic feature of each store, and the excellent indoor children's playground decoration design scheme is to avoid The decisive factor for the homogenization of indoor children's playgrounds.

But not every domestic children's playground brand can provide the majority of investment franchisees. sqv has a professional design and R & D team dedicated to the comprehensive service platform of domestic children's playground brands, and provides the most competitive children's playground brands for indoor children's playground franchisees. The business scope is: design, research and development and production services of children's playground products, environmental art decoration engineering design drawings of indoor children's theme parks, etc.

We all know that children nowadays like to go to indoor children ’s playgrounds, but for the same paradise, children will get tired after long contact. Redesigning the decoration style is not a simple matter, so we strive for it in one step and choose a relatively satisfactory decoration design in the first place.

So how can you attract the attention of children? This requires an understanding of what the children like, for example, children like to watch cartoons, then when decorating, try to design the equipment and other wall or ceiling patterns as cartoon characters, so that for children Will be greatly enhanced.

Indoor children's playgrounds must operate in such a differentiated way to make money

In addition to the patterns, the hue of the entire decoration is very important. It is understood that a psychologist spent three years studying the influence of color on the intelligence of infants and young children. It is found that in rooms with different colors, children ’s mental activity is not the same. In general, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange are inspiring and can make people think actively and react quickly, while cool colors such as green, blue, and green are calm and calm. For children's playgrounds, it is hope Children can have fun and be able to let go of themselves completely, so of course the tone is mainly warm. Generally speaking, bright colors are more stimulating to human eyes. If the colors of children's park decoration are more conspicuous, children will have a gorgeous feeling and it is easy to attract them to play inside the park.

In addition to some obvious factors, there are also some hidden factors that need to be paid attention to during decoration, for example, the safety of the decoration design, the location of each device, because children are still in the cognitive world Of the age group, they will not have their own awareness of potential safety hazards. Therefore, safety issues should be taken into account when designing decoration, such as designing the corners that some children are likely to encounter as a gentle round, these details are all very important. And in the later period of publicity, you can also use these as a point to publicize, so that parents can rest assured.

Indoor children's playgrounds must operate in such a differentiated way to make money

In addition to high-quality services and high-standard amusement equipment, the market competitiveness of indoor children's playgrounds mainly comes from the following aspects:

1. Brand influence and bargaining power

This is not just about influence on customers. As we all know, the gross profit margin of the children ’s park project is not low, but the rental capacity is weak, and the rent is the main cost of the later stage of the amusement project. Many investors are dragged down by higher rents. Therefore, if you can get a better venue with more favorable rental conditions, it is undoubtedly equivalent to reducing the operating risk and increasing the expected income.

2. International level store planning and image building ability

Many people do not know how great the impact of store image and planning on sales performance! If an indoor children's park is better than other parks in terms of dynamic design, store layout, project integration, lighting application, decorative elements, material selection, etc., then you are more than a percentage of others 50 odds!

3. Strong operating ability

A strong operation management team can provide you with various marketing plans and strategies, and can have a calm mind and market analysis ability at all times.

4. Novel recreational projects and facilities

After the children ’s park is opened for a long time, the amusement equipment in the park will not be replaced for a long time, then the playability, novelty, and safety of the equipment during this period of time are particularly important. If the children ’s park is opened, the market will be fully prepared. Survey and theme of paradise, then your differentiated advantage will be obvious.

5. Core positioning

The so-called core positioning means the core project of the children's playground, which is your main product line. As we all know, all successful marketing is a process of promotion and expansion from point to face. Indoor naughty castles. Only if one point is professional, refined, detailed, and thorough, will your children's playground have characteristics or characteristics. Only then will consumers be given a specific label. Everyone usually has the consciousness to pursue big, complete, and complete. The more product lines, the more points it can attract consumers. This idea is undoubtedly very ideal. Often, many such children's playgrounds are not done. Very successful, one is that the investment cost is large, but the return is not ideal, and another reason is that you do this, then do it, and finally make a pot of stew, without its own characteristics. Profession is good at professional, indoor naughty castle, probably this is the reason.

On the surface, decoration is just a trivial matter, but it is not trivial to leave a first impression on customers. sqv will arrange professional staff to provide decoration suggestions and solutions according to the theme style you like, making your children's playground extraordinary!

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