Four strategies you must know when operating an indoor park
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2020-04-29 15:52:25
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What is an indoor playground? Indoor paradise is more of such a paradise combined with business and serving the business circle and community, mainly for the customer group, mainly family parent-child group. According to research, the main population of indoor paradise is children aged 2-18 and their parents. That is to say, most of the tourists faced by the paradise are families, and the needs of children dominate the group of tourists composed of multiple ages.

 As an operator, how to operate a paradise?

First Clear market positioning and rational allocation of resources

Specific analysis is made for customer groups of different ages, such as family parents, children, and youth. The clearer the market segmentation, the higher the efficiency of operation and investment.

Generally speaking, parents need to grasp the growth of their children's knowledge, the knowledge of the outside world and the growth of mental health during the growth of children. The operator of the park should combine the rigid things in these two tracks with the flexible things of his own product, make the flexibility as rigid as possible, increase the stickiness of users, and turn the one-time consumption into a continuous need.

Four strategies you must know when operating an indoor park

Second. Unique product content

At present, the current situation of small and medium-sized paradise has serious content homogeneity, similar styles, and lack of uniqueness and competitiveness. In this case, unique product content becomes the key to improving core competitiveness.


In terms of product composition, for indoor paradise, 40% is hardware, which is the carrier and means of paradise operation, and 60% is software. This software refers to activities or other. In addition to adopting new products and equipment, operators are also essential for publicity and promotion. Only by fully combining the two and adding value to the equipment can the content of this product be unique.

Four strategies you must know when operating an indoor park

Third, feeling a sense of operational strategies

The operation of the indoor park is a long time, and the key to being different during the operation is to grasp emotions. On the one hand, employees should establish emotional connections with customers, provide quality services, and make customers feel at home; on the other hand, create a parent-child play atmosphere and create an irreplaceable emotional memory for families in this place. Happiness, or the time he spends can't be replaced elsewhere. With emotional links, the paradise can last and last.


Fourth. Emphasis on double-rate marketing strategy

The double rate is penetration rate and revisit rate. In marketing, the first is penetration rate and the second is revisit rate. Markets with a radius of several kilometers or tens of kilometers around the park are potential customers. The penetration rate of general organization products is 5% to 8%. If it can achieve 40% to 50%, this is what the park management needs to pay attention to Permeability. The second repeat rate is to enable customers to come once a week or once a month to connect products, services and marketing to each other, both personalized and standardized.

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