Marketing psychology + paradise management, driving the park's revenue growth!
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2019-11-19 16:36:29
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From the consumer perspective, marketing is to help consumers eliminate the resistance in the consumer process: making it easier for consumers to understand the characteristics of the brand, easier to access the product, easier to learn how to use, easier to enjoy after-sales service, easier to make this Sub-consumptions generate satisfaction and are more likely to be enjoyable by sharing this consumption.

The following is the application of 2 marketing psychology brought to you!

Marketing psychology + paradise management, driving the park's revenue growth!

Method 1: Add "heart gains"

How do people make people feel that their teeth are getting clean after brushing?

- add a little mint to the toothpaste

How do you perceive that bottled juice is more material?

- printed several large and fresh fruits on the package

Used in park operations:

How do you make people feel that parks are happier?

——TV screen shows the children playing in the park

How do people perceive that the park is clean and hygienic?

——Show employee health certificate and display daily cleaning record

How do people perceive toys more attractive?

——The toy is put on the trial table + parent-child counselor to accompany the child to try

Method 2: Reduce “decision costs”

Marketing psychology + paradise management, driving the park's revenue growth!

Marketing psychology + paradise management, driving the park's revenue growth!

Many merchants think that the more goods, the better, but it is not the case, because "making decisions" is really a very painful thing. Imagine that you are now taking your child to a paradise to buy toys. There are large, small, various styles and colors of toy cars on the counter. Then the children are smashed and walked back and forth in the toy gift house. I want it, I don't know which one to choose.

If you are labeled "Professor's recommendation" and "the most popular" on the toy gift house, you will most likely choose the above products if your child or you don't know what to choose, because they lower your "decision cost."

We conducted a business test: two groups of subjects were shown the same series of SKUs in the park, six groups of the same series of SKUs were displayed, and the second group showed 24 of the same series of SKUs.

The test results show that the number of purchases in the first group is 10 times that of the second group. From the data point of view, consumers have more choices, but because more choices lead consumers to not know how to choose, this also wants to buy, I also want to buy it, or look at another one, forget it, or not.

Reducing the “decision cost” can also be applied to the operation of the park. For example, the design of the recharge card package type of the play project is not as good as possible. The recommended number is 4-7, and 1-2 of them are the main products. The logo “the most popular” can not only reduce the “decision cost”, but also improve the sales efficiency, and simplify the words, effectively guiding customers to the main product purchase.

In this era, everyone talks about consumption upgrades, everyone talks about new retail, but in fact it is more about the details! The consumer demand of consumers in the new era is not only the innovation of products, but also the pursuit of the experience of consumption. More detail is the user's needs, the way the product is connected with the user, understanding the consumer psychology, and grasping the customer's needs, all of which become the key to stimulating consumption.

At the end of the year, the performance season of the park, today we also talk about management~

The staff in the park has poor executive ability and the health service security is not active;

The employees in the park are lazy and gather to chat.

The employees in the park do not understand the park area, and the guidance and driving ability is poor;

Employees in the park ignore the management rules and challenge the superiors. .

Are all the above problems really a problem for employees?

No, these are the problems of park management. How to solve the situation that seems to be the appearance of employees' problems needs to start from the fundamental management.

Managers, is your management using SMART principles?

1. The goal must be specific

2. The goal must be measurable (Measurable)

3. The goal must be achievable (Attainable)

4. The goal must be related to other goals (Relevant)

5. The goal must have a clear deadline (Time-based)

Marketing psychology + paradise management, driving the park's revenue growth!

S stands for specific

What is the park's performance target for this month, and the action plan that employees need? Do you tell the staff clearly?

M stands for measurable (measurable)

Before the goal of the park's performance is broken down into tasks, please carefully consider what measures to use to achieve the goal? In other words, your goal is to be observable, fair and objective, and gradually achievable for the current employee situation.

A stands for achievable (achievable)

Thinking about the task of this goal decomposition, how feasible is your staff to achieve? If there is still a distance from the task, then how can I shorten this distance? Do you teach at the park? Focus on security service training? Or use the paradise competition to drive the staff to guide?

R stands for relevant

Is there any correlation between the task objectives of the detailed items for each amusement project in the park? How to maximize the benefits of the relevance of each ride? Have you considered the labor cost and time cost?

T stands for time-related (time-limited)

The schedule timeline for each task, the start and end of the specific time node, is there any clarity for the staff in the park to know? What is the difference between rewards and penalties for over-completion, completion of completion, and unfinished?

Let’s take a look at what the park’s employees think.

1. Employees don't know what to do, service, health, security?

2. The employee does not know how to do it, how to do it? How to communicate and interact with children is appropriate?

3. The employees are not doing well, the cleaning materials are not, the guiding props are not, the small candy stickers and interactive props are not?

4. Employees don't know what good to do well. Am I a smiling ambassador this month? Or a friendly ambassador? Do children like me?

5. Employees don't know what is wrong with doing it. What can I do if it doesn't work well? Did the guests come to the park because of me?

Finding the reason for the poor execution, the solution becomes clear.

Finally, the five methods of management that bring the store manager's feasibility:

1. Clear goals

2. The method is feasible

3. Reasonable process

4. Incentives in place

5. Effective examination

The end of 2019 has come to an end, and the store managers are working hard! The performance is achieved by you, rushing duck! !

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