6 Precautions For Operating Inflatable Play Center
Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,LTD
2019-11-04 15:10:24
shikewei    2019-11-04 15:12:52

Kids play equipment

1. Pay attention to the cleaning and daily cleaning of the site. The ground and water and other liquids should be cleaned up in time to remind customers to slip and fall. It is forbidden for customers to fight, chase and endanger their own and others' misconduct during the play.


2, real-time disinfection, daily disinfection, monthly disinfection, pay attention to wall anti-collision measures and insurance. You can also work with insurance companies to reduce the risk of accidental injury to customers and increase site credibility.


3. Daily inspection and maintenance of electric equipment. If the equipment is found to be abnormal, stop and check and replace it in time.


4. Look for long-term cooperation, popular and interactive partners, such as kindergartens and other children's education and training institutions, children's health care institutions, parent education methods training institutions, children's photo studios, hotel catering industry, etc.



5, regularly go to the community and other places with large traffic volume to promote the membership card, custom-made advertising balloons in the community to do membership cards, discount cards issued.



6. Customize the cartoon costumes for the venue staff to interact with the children and parents, such as playing games, singing, dancing, storytelling and other interactive activities, and post photos of the event to the venue.


A profitable inflatable children's paradise, in addition to mastering relevant business skills, involves various internal and external reasons. Therefore, when operating an inflatable children's park, each stage should be prepared in advance to respond accordingly. Stand out from the crowd.

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