There are so many varieties of amusement equipment. Which is the most profitable?
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2018-04-20 15:13:42
shikewei    2018-04-20 15:18:24

Those who want to invest in and operate amusement equipment see so many types of amusement equipment, they will inevitably find that there are so many amusement equipment varieties. What kind of money is the most profitable?

    As the saying goes, "As long as it is very good, there is no best." The question about making money is also the same. If you don't talk about accounting, you really don't have a good answer for a while. You don't know how to make money. Different investments have different returns.


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    The same is true for investing in children's playground equipment. Before asking which equipment makes the most money, it is necessary to determine how much of your own investment account is.


    If the investment accounts for 200,000, then you can go to a large shopping mall to open a naughty castle. Naughty Castle is an indoor amusement park designed specifically for children. It is not affected by the climate. Summer and winter, no one cares about outdoor playgrounds. At the time, naughty castles are still overcrowded, and the children still play in full swing. Naughty castles charge 20-50 times a day, depending on the local cost situation, can also hold membership cards, and impose appropriate deductions to match. Repeat customers.


    If accounting is not a lot, if you only have tens of thousands, then buy a small children's playground equipment, outside the supermarket or the store. Such as small trains, children's horses, big-eyed planes, small pirate ships, etc., are relatively appropriate small investment Children's playground equipment projects. These small children's playground equipment and equipment covers an area of small, dismantling, transportation is very convenient, small investment, quick return.


    No matter what kind of children's playground equipment is invested and operated, it is best to have a fixed operating site, which is conducive to long-term development.

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