How To Lengthen Life Time Of The Bouncy Castles
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2019-10-19 17:21:16
shikewei    2019-10-19 17:22:51

How To Lengthen Life Time Of The Bouncy Castles

Everyone wants to buy the bouncy castles that can be used for a long time, so how to lengthen the life of bouncy castles? Here is something to pay attention to:


1. Clean the place: In the process of using, we must choose some grounds that are relatively smooth, pay attention to sharp objects. In addition, the color cloth should be placed under the product.


2. Check the air blowers: see if there is any looseness, etc., and if there is any odor, then continue to connect the power, it must be in accordance with the safe use of electricity standards, in line with its use requirements.


3. Regular cleaning and inspection: The clean castle is more attractive to children, and it should be repaired in time to avoid damage.


4. Control the number of players: Avoid overloading during the operation process, and determine the number of passengers according to the size of their castle. Generally, every 2 square meters, accommodate a child. In addition, avoid children scribbling on the bouncy castle, and try to have caregivers to ensure the safety of the children.

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