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Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city
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2019-10-17 16:35:13
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When planning to build a video game city or other business, if the investors operate blindly, they will bring a lot of burdens to the subsequent production and operation. The popular saying is to teach a lot of "tuition fees." "Know ourselves and know each other, there is no war in the battle." We must work in the industry, we must first measure ourselves, understand our opponents, find problems, and solve problems.

Today, I shared with you the relevant analysis of the video game city, mainly from the necessity of the opening of the video game city, the analysis of the license processing, the market analysis, the feasibility of the preparation plan, social relations, and uncertain factors. Investors must weigh these conditions and make sure they know what they are.

Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city

1. The necessary factors of the video game city project

The necessity of the video game city project is based on the actual departure of the enterprise or individual. It analyzes the obstacles encountered in opening a video game city, what are the potential opportunities, and avoiding blind follow-up. The specific analysis basis involves many aspects. The following are some of the more important ones in the need to build a video game city, listed for your reference.

With the country's clear policy on the animation industry (you can issue business licenses to qualified companies or individuals);

The role of the country's great environment, the people are getting richer, have more money to entertain and consume; (have spending power)

In the region, the video game market is a market gap or temporarily unsaturated (consumer groups exist);

Operating a video game city is more advantageous than other traditional industries (high rate of return);

Compared with other industries, the one-time investment cost of video game city is relatively large (funding pressure);

In the same region, there may be more video games (competitive pressure);

Need to have professional technology, marketing management staffing (management difficulty);

Video game equipment update cycle is very long, but do not follow the market (video game product update cycle pressure);

Whether the surrounding citizens can accept it, will there be too many complaints, etc. (potential public opinion pressure);

Is the consumer pursuit in the region as high as the budget, and can afford it (the return on investment pressure);

Whether the location of the venue will always prosper, whether the property will be demolished, and whether the policy will change. (Uncertainties).

Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city

2. Analysis of the video game license

The whole process of the video game card license is relatively simple, but it is difficult to have a positive statement whether it can obtain the license. The state is bound by the conditions in the video game city. The competent authority is the local cultural department, public security, industry and commerce are related departments; public security mainly focuses on fire protection, the legality of industrial and commercial design of video game enterprises, focusing on enterprise capital verification and enterprise registration;

The following points need to be given enough attention:

For the purpose of commercial protection, each district-level government will agree to allow the total number of video games, that is, the number of licenses;

In different regions, the video game city will agree on the business area, investment amount, and business location depending on the degree of development;

For the selection of video game equipment, different regions will stipulate the type and name of the equipment that is prohibited from operating;

The business premises must pass the fire inspection of the local fire department and obtain the fire certificate (experienced twice);

If the number of applicants for the license exceeds the approved amount, the publicity process will be followed, and the winner will win the bid.

Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city

3. Video game market analysis

The market analysis of video game city is mainly in customer analysis, price analysis, business circle analysis, business situation, interest analysis, etc. The analysis of problems should be comprehensive, from human, financial, material, equipment, time, method, geographical location, environment, etc. Analyze. After systematic analysis of the above indicators, it is necessary to clarify the business objectives of the video game city every year or quarter. What kind of business strategy should be adopted to avoid the problem of loss.

Market demand forecast analysis. This includes current market demand estimates and forecasts for future market capacity and product competitiveness. Survey analysis, statistical analysis and related analytical prediction methods are usually used.

Analysis of market demand levels and market demand in various regions. That is, according to market characteristics, population distribution, economic income, consumption habits, education level, and various equipment preferences.

Here we will not discuss the content of the analysis in detail, but we should consider the analysis method. Here, we advocate comparative law. For example, taking a video game city already in the city as a reference, or taking other video games in the same city as a blueprint, it is very important in the early stage of preparation, which can give you a safe The answer, in addition, you can also see the advantages of others in the analysis process, or where improvements are needed.

In the process of contacting many video game city investors, it is not difficult to find that many investors are in contact with the video game industry for the first time, lacking market analysis links, but only a single view that the electricity industry has considerable profits, and there are various conditions for the opening of video games. Finally, after a short period of opening, they all retreated, closing or transferring to the final outcome.

Market analysis is very important. "Knife sharpening does not cost the firewood." For those who have already joined the video game city or are planning to open a video game city, this link cannot be ignored.

Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city

4. Feasibility of the preparation of the video game city

To verify the feasibility of a program, based on its own financial strength and local consumption characteristics, find a suitable business site and plan a profitable video game city. The following is a list of planning issues. If there are no problems, then the preparatory plan will be feasible.

Where do you rent a house, is there a suitable rentable house?

The rent is not expensive, how long can it last if it is lost?

Who is going to decorate, can the decoration company pretend the style we want?

How long will it take to renovate, will it be postponed?

How long does it take for the license to be applied for?

Is there really a lot of people to play? Do they have an interest in playing all the time?

Is there a suitable manager to manage the video game city, does he have store management marketing experience?

Where does the equipment come from, how much does it cost, and will it exceed the budget?

V. Social relations

The social relations needed to open a video game city, the people in the community have a common way of saying: "black and white" relationship. The social relationship we are going to talk about here is not a narrow understanding of the common people. We must abandon bad ideas and ideas. Social relationships are the relationships between people and people in your surroundings. This environment includes both the environment in which you live and the environment in which you work.

In order to deal with social relations, the video game city must not only enjoy good reputation around the video game city, avoid complaints from residents in the surrounding communities, and actively participate in the public welfare activities of the surrounding communities. It must also understand the policies of local governments and maintain the relations with various competent authorities and relevant departments. communication. Getting first-hand information is crucial.

Investment Analysis|To understand the key points to pay attention to when investing in video game city

6. Uncertain factors

There are many uncertain factors. We will not make a big discussion here. We will list a few uncertain factors for your reference and finally determine the feasibility report. Thinking twice before acting is the traditional thinking of Chinese history and culture. Striving for stability has always been the best policy for merchants. The video game industry is a medium- and long-term project, and it is considered comprehensively to prevent future problems.

The equipment purchased does not meet the tastes of local consumers;

The partner may not withdraw;

The building developer went bankrupt, house demolition, and the owner of the house maliciously raised the price;

Violation of local government policies or the same action (reorganization, suspension, revocation of license);

Unidentified people have been harassing for a long time;

Competitors implement vicious competition;

The entire video game management team has no experience and is not good at business.

For those who want to invest in the video game city, the investment analysis of the video game city should be carefully done in the early stage, analyze their own strengths and weaknesses, try to consider all aspects, and be prepared, and have a good idea.

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