There are countless children's playgrounds and you have to rely on quality to break through.
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2018-04-18 09:31:57
shikewei    2018-04-18 09:35:41

My children's playground equipment is quite novel, the venue is not too small, but why can not we achieve the desired business goals? This is a problem that most park operators will encounter. How can we solve it?

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1. A good name is the first step in attracting the eye. It should be lively and playful

Do not ignore the name of the store. It is like a business card for a paradise. It is the first step to attract people's attention. Although the more fresh and bizarre the name of the store is, the more curiosity the passerby can evoke, but the children's playground is different. It needs to embody the child's health, happiness, childishness, and educational implications, so that parents can be impressed and impressed. In addition, the style and pattern of the shop name should be creative, and the colors should be colorful to attract children's attention.

2. Moderate enthusiasm for parents, let children enjoy themselves

Have been staring at parents entwined, chatter endlessly introduced, so that the enthusiasm is over and surely will make them very annoying! Enthusiasm is a must, but it must not be overly enthusiastic. Moderation is the best service. Treating children entering the park should treat them as friends and loved ones, and even treat them as their own, so that the feelings of caring will spill over to the table and encourage them to play, learn, and make friends, so that parents can feel the sincerity and advantages of the park and make the children relaxed. Have fun happily!

3. In the face of accusations and disputes, be calm and calm

What happens when children are accidentally criticized by unreasonable parents when they accidentally fall, quarrel, and cry in the park? At this time, we must keep calm, and we must not be too warm-headed to talk with the parents. We must calm the child, ask the reasons for the incident, and see if the child is injured and prepared to do emergency treatment after the injury. Then be patient. Communicate with parents and resolve disputes. Appropriately listen to their opinions, find their own business deficiencies and improve.

4. To create a warm paradise, give children the feeling

What kind of place is most popular with parents and children? Presumably it is a home full of happiness, warmth, and joyous atmosphere! Yes, children's playgrounds should be the same! It is the feeling of a home. A popular children's playground is generally a place where parents can feel comfortable letting their children play, families interacting, and family entertainment. Therefore, it is recommended that operators can build the park into a warm home with a sense of belonging, comfort, and happiness!

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