The role of swing cars on children
Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,LTD
2018-04-14 09:17:48
shikewei    2018-04-14 09:20:00

1. Make your child more flexible. Long-term use of the vehicle can improve the child's neural reflex ability, improve the child's sensitivity, and make the action more flexible.

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2. Make your child smarter. The car is mainly used to manipulate the steering wheel with both hands, can stimulate the left and right brain, promote the development of the cerebellum, if the long-term use of the product, can improve children's intelligence.

3, make children more secure. Twist cars are very popular in Europe, America and Southeast Asia, because their car body is lower than the ground (only about 10cm), which is the safest toy in sports toys so far.

4, make children better. When the car is used for multiplayer interactive games, the children's team spirit can be cultivated, and the children can be made cheerful through group activities.

Places suitable for twisting cars: flat areas such as living rooms, parks, plazas, rooms, kindergartens, concrete and paved roads. For children between the ages of 2-15, twisting the car is a big toy.

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