How to do a good user experience in children's paradise
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2018-03-16 16:20:51
shikewei    2018-03-16 16:21:42

Somewhere in the holiday, you can also have such treatment, such as going to a place to play, you can also get free discount, discount coupons, etc., make people feel at ease. This is the most basic user experience, focusing on user experience, now only the user feel good, we will be guaranteed, sales, business will be better, and we in the project investment in the children's playground, also want to pay attention to the user experience.

Security, the park's non electric equipment, electric equipment, and some of the other games, the first point is to ensure the safety and security, quality, and only in this context, we park the customer will have blessings, it may create a lively and extraordinary, a thriving paradise.

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The staff in the park should be polite to greet, greet, and so on when they enter the garden, and let the customers feel that the employees in the park are very polite. This is the first impression that gives customers a good impression. Second, when the customer has the demand, when there is a problem, the staff should be patient to answer the equipment how to play, how to operate and so on. Under the lifelike description of the shop assistant and when the customer is interested, it is sure to be eager to play.

One: children experience. Parents bring their children to our amusement park. Generally speaking, the parents are watching them. So if a child comes to our amusement park for the first time, it will be very strange. So this time, we need the staff to take the children to play, introduce the operation of the equipment and so on. In general, children have some strange and eccentric problems, this will need to give the park staff patiently answered, in answer to the child's problem to slowly forward, teach how to do, give children positive energy, let the children get inspired in during play. Develop a good habit.

The other is: parents experience, parents rest at the side of the park, take the initiative to give them a glass of water in the free time, talk about the interesting things in the park, and talk about the inspiration from the children. And teaching children to do good things, and so on, and instilling the parents of our paradise not only have fun, but also education. Wait。 Add to the picture that the worker gives the child patience to answer, explain the picture. I believe that parents have a certain trust card in our heart, and have some help for the later cards and so on.

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