Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019
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2019-06-24 17:50:17
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Do you want to know what the market for children's paradise is now The answer is a word "fire." There are three main reasons: First, with the fourth wave of baby boomers, children's disposable daily consumption accounts for nearly 30% of household income, so the industry outlook is widely optimistic .

Secondly, at present, the children's theme park industry does not form a monopoly leading enterprise, but a situation in which large and small enterprises are peacefully dividedAt the same time, the franchise service in the market has also given many opportunities for entrepreneurs who have ambitions and pursuits to share a piece of experience despite lack of relevant experience.

Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019

Thirdly, the traditional department store has been affected by the impact of e-commerce sales, and the children's theme park with clear purpose and passenger flow effect, and can not be replaced by e-commerce is gradually regarded by the mainstream business as a supermarket, cinema, fast fashion. After the new main business format .

Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019

There is no doubt that the market prospects for children's theme parks are bright , but this does not mean that every park is profitable. As Ma Yun said: Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most of them die tomorrow night, can not see the sunshine of the day after tomorrow. Remember, there is no barren business, only lazy operations!

In this fiercely competitive market, in the increasingly fierce competitive environment, what is the best way to win the children's paradise industry There should be several aspects: win-win with partners, control costs, improve quality, small profits but quick turnover and try to diversify the profit model, jumping out of homogenization and shaping characteristics.

Win-win with partners

For interested franchisees, the first condition for success is site selection , establishing strategic partnerships with large shopping malls and shopping centers , and seizing a market with good location is a strategy of mutual benefit for both shopping malls and franchisees. It is also possible to establish contacts with nearby kindergartens and elementary schools , and organize children to experience the paradise regularly to increase their popularity. Based on the educational function of the children's theme park, if you can establish a cooperative relationship with the local government and get support from funds or venues, it is a icing on the cake.

Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019

Control cost

For paradise where revenues are declining, controlling costs and saving expenditures are the most direct and fastest way to solve problems. However, the cost of some fixed investments is not to save the province. The rent and labor costs can be started from these two aspects under the possible conditions.

improve quality

In the absence of a small number of children's theme parks, high-quality parks are more attractive to consumers. The improvement of quality is not only reflected in the equipment , but also in the service experience , which can increase the passenger flow and also enhance the customer. Its own competitiveness.

Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019

Small profits but quick turnover, try diversified profit model

For the current economic level and consumption pattern, consumers still have strong price sensitivity . On the basis of ensuring quality and service, it may be more helpful to lower the ticket price than to increase the price. This is a 100. *1 and 80*2 options. The so-called diversified profit model , for example, such as the admission of free tickets, through the pattern of game currency consumption income, this form of reducing the threshold of consumption, will attract more customers?

Predicting the development and operation of the children's park market in 2019

Jump out of homogenization and shape features

From the current market feedback, the characteristic and story- based children's theme parks outperform the children's theme parks that are simply built up by equipment. At present, there are children's theme parks with different characteristics such as Japanese and Korean anime theme, ice and snow theme, forest ecological theme, marine theme and environmental protection theme. Some children's theme parks with stories even become the tourist destinations of the city .

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