Amusement equipment design should pay attention to what elements
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2018-04-04 09:48:06
shikewei    2018-04-04 09:51:33

First, color design and modeling

   Judging from the color design of amusement equipment, children's color of toys is extremely sensitive and concerned. When designing different types of amusement devices, attention should be paid to the selection and matching of colors. Color can assist amusement equipment in improving its play function, but it also plays a role in increasing children's amusement park, stimulating children's imagination and raising children's cognitive level. From a styling point of view, it is not difficult to find in the current design which abstract quirky styling is more favored by children, and simulating real life scenes or equipment modeling of the props cannot be loved by children and only reflects adulthood. People's judgments and misunderstandings on children's equipment modeling.

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   Second, the size of the design

   From the perspective of the size of the amusement device, the children's play equipment must conform to the child's own size. This is a viewpoint that has been paid attention to by the designers and has been continuously put forward. Ergonomically up-to-standard data on the age of children can also be found, but the actual completed children's play equipment will still have equipment standards that are so or not suitable for children to play. Therefore, if we can achieve the device size of one or a different type of children's play equipment that meets a certain age level or a few ages, children can perform amusement activities.

   Secondly, from the perspective of children's amusement facilities, children's amusement facilities must meet the children's own standards. This has always been the concern of designers and their continuous submission. The ergonomic scale data of different children's ages can also be found, but often children's amusement facilities that are actually completed will still have facilities that are not suitable for children to play with. Therefore, it is an ideal measure for us to achieve how to meet the facilities scale of a play activity for children of a certain age group or several age groups in one or type of children's amusement facilities.

   Third, security issues

   This is the most important and crucial point. Safety is the basis for the existence of a good children's play equipment. If even the most basic personal safety cannot be guaranteed, amusement will lose its necessity.

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