What kind of place is the playground?
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What kind of place is the playground?

Nowadays, the playground is no longer the "territory" for children. The audience has gradually expanded from children and adolescents. Adults and the elderly have also become new members of the playground. Adults in the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by reinforced concrete every day, physical and mental exhaustion, need to release the pressure of work and life; retired elderly, playground has become a new choice to accompany grandchildren or play with partners. Therefore, outdoor and indoor playgrounds have become one of the new choices for leisure and entertainment in the new era. For different people, the amusement park is filled with different memories for everyone.

For children, it is a place full of surprises. Here, every corner can be hidden for fun; for adults, the playground is a place where stress can be released, where the pressure of working families It can be temporarily forgotten; for the playground operators, it is a place to build dreams, where they can build their own "kingdom" step by step.

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release stress

Although the current playground is a commercial entertainment venue, it is not just commercial. It carries the laughter of countless families, which cannot be given by other places.

The birth of the playground:

Playing is the right of the child and is designed for the happiness of the child.

To ask if children like to play or like to learn, almost all children will say they like to play. Play is a child's natural instinct, and it is also the rights of children. No one can deprive them. Joseph Lee, president of the Playground Association, once said, “Playing is not only a good thing for children, but also a core part of their growth. The reason why childhood is childhood is because of play.” To ensure Children have a place to play, you can play as much as you like, so the playground came into being.

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Playing is the nature of children

The early playground was not the same as the playground we are seeing now. It is not the playground we have seen all kinds of mobile games and video games. The early playground is so simple that it may be just an open space. It is just a place where people can relax and exercise. Before the advent of commercial playgrounds, early playgrounds were generally built by government and private institutions, and the main projects were sports. Mainly in the leisure time to gather together in sports and entertainment, regular sports events will be held. After school, children play football and play games together in twos and threes; the government or other organizations regularly hold sports competitions or activities, and the citizens gather to play together; although there is no amusement equipment, the essence of its establishment and the current playground It is no different.

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Children playing in the open space

The birth of the playground is mainly to give children the place to play, to protect the child's right to play, the playground can be said to be the child's exclusive place, and also to escort the child's growth.


Witnessing the changes of the times,

Economic development is an unforgettable memory of a generation

There are many sayings about the world's first mobile playground. We won't go into details here. The emergence of the motorized playground is a symbol of the modernization of the playground. It also makes the amusement park gradually become a leisure and entertainment place. select. The development of the playground not only represents the advancement of technology, but also represents the economic development and social progress to a greater extent; on the other hand, the playground as a part of the cultural tourism stimulates economic development.

Among the many large outdoor playgrounds, the most prestigious and influential non-Disney theme parks are not available. Walt Disney built the world's first modern large-scale theme park, Disneyland, in California, the earliest of which was at Disneyland Resort in Disneyland Resort, Anaheim, California. Disneyland Park in California, opened on July 17, 1955, is the world's first Disney theme park and is hailed as the happiest place on earth. Disneyland combines Disney movie scenes and animation techniques with mechanical equipment to create themes throughout the game. Because it can give visitors an unprecedented experience, it has caused a boom in theme parks, swept the United States, and spread to the rest of the world.

In 2016, Shanghai Disneyland, the first Disney theme park in mainland China, was officially opened. Disney as a cultural industry not only became a global symbol of fashion consumption culture, but also became a national "cultural soft power". The embodiment of the "cultural capital of the city". The introduction of Disney culture in Shanghai has created a model and paradigm for the construction of cultural cities with Chinese characteristics and the promotion of "cultural soft power" in the city. It also provides a new "cultural motivation" for Shanghai to strengthen the function of world tourism destinations.

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Shanghai Disneyland

With the rise of commercial real estate and department stores, the animation production and amusement industry have gradually improved and expanded, and indoor playgrounds have gradually entered the public eye, mainly distributed in major department stores, mainly divided into video games city and indoor children's playground. Two major categories. The emergence of indoor playgrounds provides a new place for leisure and entertainment, and people are released under increasing pressure, which not only promotes the flow of people in shopping centers, but also promotes the economic development of related industries. For some people, every weekend and every time spent in the playground is the happiest moment they will never forget. The playground is not only a story for them, but also a generation for them. Collective memories.

China's playground: the "spiritual sustenance" under the rapid economic development

China's amusement facilities started relatively late. Before the 1980s, modern large-scale amusement facilities were almost blank in China. It can be traced back to the electric small ride chair designed and manufactured by Beijing in 1951 and installed in Beijing Park. It may be the first amusement machine in China. In the early 1980s, with the deepening of reform and opening up, the national economy developed rapidly, people's living standards continued to improve, and people's demand for amusement activities became more and more vigorous.

In this situation, the design and production of domestic amusement facilities came into being. With the development of the amusement industry, China's amusement facilities have continuously improved from design to manufacturing. There are more and more varieties, from rotating to sliding, from power to no power, from stationary to mobile, from ground to air, from indoor to outdoor, from the previous single to the integrated.

The theme park was developed in the late 1980s. Since the end of the 1980s, from the south to the north, from east to west, the construction of theme parks has gradually been recognized in China and gradually formed a climax. Since the mid-1990s, China's theme parks have made new progress in terms of knowledge, participation and science and technology, and promoted the construction of China's theme parks.

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China's rapid progress in economic construction

Since the reform and opening up, the standard of living of the people has been continuously improved. After the nationals have met the basic needs of life, the consumption level of investment in culture and entertainment has been increasing, and the entertainment and content of different entertainments and contents will bring physical and mental health and social civilization. A completely different impact. The construction of the playground not only enhances the city's urban planning and new functions of supporting infrastructure, but also makes people a good place for recreation. Especially for children, experiencing the technology-rich amusement equipment allows her to learn from it. Many children's paradise's parent-child devices have added a fun and educational function, which is of great help to children's growth and education. For teenagers and adults, they can find their own fun in the playground, and wash the pressures between study and work. For them, the playground is their "spiritual sustenance", and their hearts are comforted. The elixir.

A playground of the new era: whether it is for people or society,

Have a positive role in promoting sunlight

Now, the playground has become a place that people are used to, as long as you want to play, there will be one nearby. Then, in the new era, what kind of role does the playground play, and where is its value?

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Indoor children's playground

1. Escort the child's growth and release the nature of the child's play. As the society continues to advance, the standard of living of the people has also greatly improved, but for the children, this kind of progress has brought another problem, that is, children have less and less space for activities, especially the only child. The same important small partners in the process of growth are also extremely lacking. The appearance of the playground just fills the gap, protects the nature of the child's play, and escorts the child's growth.

2. The amusement park is not only entertaining, but also gives it more new identities in the new era. Nowadays, many parents, because of their busy work, getting along with their children and having relatively little education, most parents just send their children to school. If they have teachers, they don’t have to worry about education. But the teacher’s education is different. Parental education. Because the teacher's education is difficult to be qualified as a parent education. A teacher has many students, but a pair of parents does not necessarily have many children, so it is impossible to do all the education for the children. The teacher's education for the students is all intellectual, while the education of the parents contains more content. Being a person and doing things is the focus of education. Most of the current parents have to communicate with their children through amusement. So many indoor children's play equipment has become a bridge between parents and children.

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Become a place for parents and children to interact

The educational and fun amusement park allows children to learn while playing, and can improve their children's communication, leadership, self-confidence, and learn to understand and share. For parents, it is a place where they can do both. The current amusement park has been converted from a playground to an educational venue, a parent-child venue, and a performance venue. The same amusement equipment also has more meaning. Sometimes the children are more likely to be close to the parents in the playground, thus expressing their thoughts.

3. Promote the offline development of IP and maintain the development of domestic intellectual property rights. With the emergence of many popular IPs, IP's powerful fan base has also attracted the attention of the playground operators, and has introduced various IP licenses to attract different consumers. The playground cites IP to authorize surrounding goods, promotes IP separation from the line, and goes offline. It extends the value of IP and plays an important role in promoting the development of domestic IP.

4. The playground meets the ever-increasing spiritual needs of people. With the innovation of computer communication technology, the world has entered the era of knowledge economy, and it is accompanied by a global information society. The popularity of office and production automation has enabled people to have more leisure time. At the same time, the improvement of the national economy, the progress of social culture, and the needs of people's growing spiritual life, the playground has just become a good place for people to entertain and relax, to meet the entertainment needs of people, and to show the status of the playground. Increasingly significant.

5. The playground can promote the development of the national economy to a certain extent. For the shopping center, the playground of the parent-child project has become a “toon”. Compared with other consumption, the parent-child project can bring “1+N” multiple customers. In addition to playing, it will induce toys, A series of other consumptions such as clothing and catering, when a child arrives at the mall, the other consumption of the parents behind it, invisible, can promote the improvement of other economic income. The playground can drive consumption and promote the overall consumption level.

The playground was born due to demand. Its existence, in addition to its commercial nature, is more to give people pleasure, is the place where people look for happiness. It represents the child's "childhood", the "spiritual sustenance" of life and the "charging station" that continues to work hard. It will also accompany and witness the growth of us and our children forever. We are building in reinforced concrete. A piece of paradise in the middle.

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