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How much does it cost to run a digital and analog sports hall in Xing'an?
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2022-04-22 13:50:33
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how much does it cost to run a digital and analog sports hall in Xing'an

How much does it cost to run a digital and analog sports hall in Xing'an?

now some savvy investors quickly know the novelty and huge business opportunities of intelligent interactive stadiums, and with our support, they open stores all over the country, seize cities and seize land, and seize the trend of attracting money. So far, our team has helped bosses complete the construction of more than 50 digital and analog stadiums across the country. Once all the projects were launched in the local area, they all caused a huge sensation, the shops were crowded and the shops were full of passengers.

Digital Gymnasium equipment

since the epidemic in 2019, with the steady improvement of Chinese people's quality of life and people's attention to exercise and fitness, more and more people are realizing the concept of exercise and healthy life.

the traditional gymnasium and sports training gym, compared with many friends, the threshold is relatively a little bit, sports training is still boring! Once or twice, a large number of friends are afraid of difficulties and do not want to continue. And the high-tech digital gymnasium, rational use of machinery, image capture, exercise physiology, ai, acousto-optoelectronic and other cutting-edge multi-disciplinary technology, developed a real sports play, full simulation, real sports play intelligent interactive experience hall. Let players, experiencers, let customers feel the charm of science and technology, enjoy it, the biggest feature of feeling the charm of science and technology is that players do not need to use too much physical strength to experience all kinds of simulated sports equipment for a long time. The most interesting thing is that customers can enjoy a long time experience, do not have to consider physical problems, the most important thing is that customers do not have to pay too much physical strength in the process of experience, not tired! Just ask everyone, is it fragrant?

How much does it cost to run a digital and analog sports hall in Xing'an?
Digital Stadium equipment

in response to some friends' inquiries about digital gymnasiums, how much money will it take to open an ai interactive training hall? let me give my friends a brief introduction.

main part of investment :

location: in what city and where
Decoration: different grades of decoration
area: how much area to do
equipment: what price grade equipment to use

combined with the consumption situation of different cities in our country and the actual situation of some customers' venues, we try our best to make a rough average investment for investors, only for friends' reference:

100sqm: 300000-600000
200sqm: 70w-90w
500sq m: 1.5 million-2.2 million
1000 sq m: calculated at about 3000 yuan per square meter

to sum up, although the electronic simulation experience museum has unlimited business opportunities, it still has a high professionalism and a high threshold when it comes to investing in

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