How much does it cost to open an ai simulation gym in Lhasa?
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2022-04-21 14:03:06
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how much does it cost to open an ai simulated sports hall in Lhasa

now a small number of smart investors are quietly aware of the novelty and huge business opportunities of the digital analog experience museum, and with our support, they have set up stores all over the country, conquered cities and lands, and grabbed the tide of attracting money. Up to now, our company has helped investors to complete the construction of more than 50 intelligent interactive stadiums all over the country. Once all the projects were launched locally, they all caused a sensation, the venue was full of passengers and the revenue was amazing.

Digital Gymnasium equipment

with the steady improvement of Chinese people's quality of life, our country and people pay more and more attention to sports and fitness. At present, a large number of people are paying attention to the correct and reasonable concept of exercise and healthy life.

traditional gymnasium and gym, for many people, the threshold is still relatively high, but also boring! In the first few times, when a large part of my friends lost their freshness, they backed away. The recently popular high-tech interactive gymnasium makes rational use of cutting-edge multi-disciplinary technologies such as exercise physiology, sports science, acousto-optoelectronics, machinery, image capture, and ai to develop an immersive, immersive, real sports game ai simulation gymnasium. Let friends, let the experience, let people experience sports charm, experience sports charm, the key to feel the charm of science and technology is not tired, the most important thing is that customers do not have to pay too much physical strength, not tired, the biggest feature is that players do not need too much physical strength to experience a variety of simulated sports equipment for a long time! I asked you if you smelled good.

How much does it cost to open an ai simulation gym in Lhasa?
Digital Stadium equipment

for the consultation of some clients, how much does it cost to set up a digital interactive training hall? let me give a brief introduction to my friends.

main part of investment :

Decoration: different grades of decoration
equipment: different grades of equipment costs different
location: in what city and where
area: how much area are you going to do

combined with the actual situation of some customers' venues in cities with different consumption levels in China, we can give investors a rough, relative average investment quota for your reference only:

100square meters: 300000-600000
200square meters: 70w-90w
500square meters: 150w-220w
1000 square meters: calculated on the basis of 3000 yuan per square meter

therefore, the electronic interactive training hall is indeed very popular and has a strong ability to attract money, but there is still a high degree of difficulty and a high threshold for investment in opening venues. Our team can do the national door-to-door free planning and inspection and issue color pictures, investors with ideas are welcome to communicate with us!

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