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From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!
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The indoor children's playground industry is an emerging industry with a rapid growth period. The large number of children in China, the high spending power of middle and high-level parents, and the development of large domestic shopping malls and supermarkets provide opportunities for the industry to develop. Industry development potential. So, for entrepreneurs who have no experience and want to invest in indoor children's park projects, what preparations need to be made in the early stage?

From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!

What should I pay attention to when investing in indoor children's playgrounds?

First of all, we must choose the environment of the store and the investigation of the flow of customers. The shop environment of the amusement park is best selected in a bustling area with a lot of people. Not only is there a large number of people here, but most of them are willing customers who are willing to spend money for children, which is conducive to the long-term development of children ’s amusement parks.

Second, we must consider the factors that affect the business of amusement parks and prepare for investment. The quality of the business depends not only on the location of the store, but also has a close relationship with the store's operating content, mode of operation, service, and image, so be sure to make sufficient preparations before investing, and consider as much as possible, as far as possible the risk To a minimum.

Finally, choosing the right brand for the children's amusement park is the key. Nowadays, there are more and more project brands for children's amusement parks, but some of them are indifferent, and some are in the market! Therefore, investing in a children's amusement park requires a specific analysis of the investment project.

Investing in indoor children ’s playgrounds is a hugely capital-intensive project. To recover costs and profits in a short period of time, it takes a long time to consider, and it takes a lot of energy from the entire process of market research in the early stage of investment to the operation in the later stage. For any project, the pre-investment evaluation and budget are crucial, and it is the key to the success or failure of a project.

From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!

What are the requirements for the venue selection of the park?

Discussing the venue is the premise of opening a paradise, and we also need to design according to the existing venue. When choosing a venue, be sure to choose a good location, such as the entrance of a large supermarket or a shopping mall, so as to ensure a certain amount of passenger traffic. In addition, for children's playgrounds, for fire safety, it is best not to choose to open on high floors.

1. Supermarket: Some are inside shopping malls or supermarkets, some are outside, and even some are outside the mall. There is only one purpose, relying on the passenger flow brought by the supermarket.

2. Store: This is the same way as businesses in other industries, that is, storefronts, also called independent stores.

3. Community stores: Whether outside or inside the community, they are collectively referred to as community stores, mainly relying on the surrounding passenger flow.

4. Park stores: Some stores are equipped with some playground facilities, relying on the characteristics of the park to do park visitors.

5. Plaza stores: Many cities have residential squares, which are one of the main venues for citizens, and will gather some amusement equipment.

At present, these five address stores are known. According to the current market response, most of the parks are attached to the super market environment, and are also a must-have for many large-scale brand parks, and most cities have local department stores. The brand, relying on the popularity accumulated over the years, has long been a fat in the eyes of a large paradise. It can be seen that the best living environment of the paradise still relies on a shopping environment such as a shopping mall, which is already one of the basic outing venues in people's lives.

From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!

How to plan the park in detail?

The first is the store size planning. This needs to be evaluated based on the flow around the store. In the urban areas of second- and third-tier cities, it is recommended to be at least 300 square meters. Of course, this must be determined according to other factors, such as the population density within 3-5 kilometers, especially children and The consumption level of parents, the actual situation of similar stores facing hands, etc.

The second is storefront decoration. After choosing the right store location, you can carry out the decoration of the storefront. The decoration of the storefront of the children's playground is divided into hardcover and simple decoration. You can make a decoration plan according to your own budget and theme. The decoration of the children's park must be warm and cartoon, so as to attract the attention of parents and children, and then more customers will patronize.

Followed by equipment purchase. While the children's playground has been properly designed and decorated, children's play equipment needs to be selected according to the planning situation. Amusement equipment is the driving force for the development of children's paradise, so we must choose high-quality park equipment, which can save a lot of maintenance costs for the park. The device must choose novel and fun, colorful, so as to attract children's attention. It is recommended that you can do a market survey in the local area before purchasing equipment and buy some equipment that matches the age and personality characteristics of the local child. In addition, the equipment is recommended to be selected according to the child's age distribution, combining dynamic and static products, reasonable matching of amusement equipment of all ages, choosing new, strange, and special amusement equipment for reasonable planning and layout. . The amusement equipment is combined with science and technology in a dynamic and static manner, so as to be loved by children for a longer time.

From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!

How to attract more popularity when the park is in operation?

Although children's playground is the most popular investment project at present, the business of all major playgrounds in the market is very hot, but good projects also need to be managed carefully to obtain better returns, so how to make children's playground attract more customers?

1. Reasonable use of funds

When operating a children's playground, franchisees of children's playgrounds must use funds reasonably, and don't invest too much money in the early stage. This will affect later operations and bring great pressure to the subsequent operation process.

2. Regular training

The operator of the children's playground must regularly train the employees in the store, so that each employee has professional knowledge and technology, so as to provide customers with quality services.

3. Membership card promotion

At present, regardless of the size of the holidays, parents are accompanying children to play more and more, and it is recommended to cooperate with related industries and kindergartens to issue children's indoor theme park membership cards. These membership cards are not only an intangible currency circulating in the market, but also a promotional medium for marketing and promoting products. However, it should be emphasized that when applying for a membership card in a children ’s indoor theme children ’s park, the cardholder or consumer must be given a value for money. Otherwise, it will backfire and destroy the image of the children's playground.

4. Equipment maintenance and upgrade

For the operators of children's playgrounds, it is necessary to take precautions, especially the safety of amusement equipment. It must be done: timely maintenance and update in peak season, and maintenance and upgrade in low season. This not only ensures the quality and fun of the amusement equipment, prevents and reduces the occurrence of dangerous accidents, but also maintains the good reputation and influence of the store and maintains the customer flow.

5. Comprehensive promotion materials

For promotion and publicity, children's indoor theme parks will usually print the corresponding promotional materials and distribute them to potential customers or hang them inside or outside the park. Like event posters, direct investment magazines, doll toys, cartoon clothes, smiling faces, etc., are the messages or images and ideas to be conveyed by children's indoor theme parks. These are the advertising media that are spread to consumers and customers.

In addition, promotional materials can penetrate into every aspect of daily operations, such as basically all the amusement project facilities in the indoor children's playground. This can not only help parents to have a clearer understanding and understanding of the children's indoor theme park when they are playing with children, but also be brought back by parents and children to play a free publicity role. In addition, the VI visual communication system of the children's indoor theme park itself should be fully penetrated throughout the park and all publicity messages, so that parents and children can feel it everywhere. 8

6. Marketing business development

If a good children's amusement park wants to continue to operate for a long time, it must have its own characteristics. To have a keen insight into the market and understand the needs of children, it must use novel equipment and products with visual impact to attract children's attention. , Highlight product personalization and own competitiveness. Therefore, whether it is an investor or a business operator, the promotion of children's playgrounds is the most important factor in obtaining revenue. Good promotion programs such as: special holiday free experience, holiday promotion, themed activities and celebration, with good institutions, schools, tourist areas, children's growth files and mall cooperation and other methods.

7. Differentiated management

Indoor children's playgrounds are in full swing in all major cities and shopping malls. In addition to various children's playground equipment, new and unique decoration design is inevitably a visually eye-catching iconic feature of each store, and the excellent indoor children's playground decoration design scheme is to avoid The decisive factor for the homogenization of indoor children's playgrounds. For a paradise with little differences, children will get tired after long contact. Redesigning the decoration style is not a simple matter, so we strive for it in one step. At the first time, we choose a relatively satisfactory decoration design.

So how can you attract the attention of children? This requires an understanding of what the children like, for example, children like to watch cartoons, then when decorating, try to design the equipment and other patterns on the walls or ceilings as cartoon characters, so that for children Will be greatly enhanced. In addition to the patterns, the color of the decoration of the paradise is also very important. It is understood that a psychologist spent three years studying the influence of color on the intelligence of infants and young children. It is found that children ’s mental activity is different in rooms of different colors of. In general, warm colors such as red, yellow, and orange have an inspiring effect, which can make people think actively and react quickly, while cool colors such as green, blue, and green have a calming effect. For children ’s playgrounds, it is hoped that children can have fun and completely let go of themselves, so of course the colors are mainly warm. Generally speaking, bright colors are more stimulating to human eyes. If the colors of children's playground decoration are more conspicuous, children will have a gorgeous feeling and it is easy to attract them to play inside the park.

In addition to some obvious factors, there are also some hidden factors that need to be paid attention to during decoration, for example, the safety of the decoration design, the location of each device, because the children are still in the age of the cognitive world Duan, you wo n’t have your own awareness of potential safety hazards, so you should consider the safety issues when decorating and designing, for example, designing the corners that some children can easily encounter into a rounded shape, these details are very important of. And in the later period of publicity, you can also use these as a point for publicity, so that parents can rest assured.

From investment site selection to operation, this may be the most comprehensive strategy for opening an indoor children's park!

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