Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!
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2020-04-02 14:04:14
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With the liberalization of the second child policy, the already-focused children's market has become a hot spot for investment. So is it enough to open an indoor children's playground with venues and equipment? Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

Many investors regard the children's amusement equipment as the core of an indoor children's playground one-sidedly. They believe that as long as they find a similar venue and purchase a set of equipment, they can complete the project. As everyone knows, many other important factors have been ignored, so that they have gone further and further on the wrong path, and even invested in this. Indeed, it is understandable to value hardware equipment, because equipment is about safety, and safety is nothing. However, this is by no means the entire content of the core competitiveness of an indoor children's playground.

In addition to high-standard amusement equipment for children's playgrounds, the following aspects are the main sources of competitiveness of the indoor children's playground market:

It's not just about influence on customers. We know that the gross profit margin of children's playground projects is not low, but the lease capacity is weak, and field rent is the main cost of amusement projects in the later stage. Many investors are dragged down by higher rents. Therefore, if you can get a better quality site with more favorable lease conditions, it is undoubtedly equivalent to reducing operating risks and increasing predictable returns.

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

International level store planning and image building capabilities

  Many people do not know how great the impact of the store image and planning on sales performance is! If an indoor children's playground is in line design, store layout, project integration, lighting use, decorative elements, material selection, etc. Reach a better and more prominent place than other parks, then you have a 50% chance of winning than others!

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

Strong operational capabilities

  A strong operation management team can provide you with various marketing solutions and strategies, and can have a calm mind and market analysis ability at any time.

Innovative rides and facilities

  Playground equipment in the park will not be replaced for a long time after the children's park is opened. The playability, novelty, and safety of the equipment during this time period are particularly important. If you can do a full market survey before the park opens, With the theme of the park, then your differentiated advantage will obviously be undoubted.

  Investors must be able to catch customers through pre-preparation and post-maintenance. If you want to open a children's playground, you need to take a look at the four steps introduced below. Everyone can make some changes according to their actual conditions. Then investors open indoor children. Paradise is definitely around the corner!

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

The first step to open an indoor children's playground: early stage venues must be considered

  Initially investing in a children's amusement park must be very costly. In order to recover costs and profits in a short period of time, we need to think long-term, from the process of investing in the early stage of our investment to the operation of the later stage, it takes a lot of energy . Pre-investment assessment and budgeting is critical, and it is the key to the success of our project.

Open an indoor children's park Step 2: Visit the market first

  The fees are too expensive, I ’m afraid that no one will come to play, the fees are cheap, and the cost will be slow! It is understood that there is no unified reference price for children's amusement equipment charges. It depends on the local consumption level and parents ’attitudes and inputs on children.

Step 3 of opening indoor children's playground

  A good children's amusement park must have its own characteristics if it wants to continue to operate for a long time. It must have a keen insight into the market, understand the needs of children, and most importantly, highlight personalization! It must use novel equipment and have Visual impact products to attract children's attention.

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

Opening an indoor children's playground Step 4: Special services to reassure parents

I often hear complaints from some friends, "It's so hard to get to the children's playground on the weekend." Most parents take taking children to the children's playground as a task, not a treat. In test-oriented education-dominated China, children's learning intensity is very heavy, and children's requirements for play may not be as high as expected. Usually, some simple children's play equipment can also make them enjoy themselves. Similarly, for parents, who have accumulated a week of work stress, they also need to find a way to release. While meeting the needs of the children, should the children's playground operators consider the need to meet some of the parents' needs, so that the parents can change their child from a task to a kind of enjoyment.

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

  Personalized playgrounds will make children willing to play here. At the same time, think of parents as willing to send their children. Therefore, not only do we have to check the children's health before entering the venue, we also need to leave enough rest space for parents so that our playground service will look more humane.

Opening a children's playground is not as simple as you think!

Parents are concerned about whether their children can be educated in happiness, and whether the entertainment program is healthy and safe is also a concern for parents, which is a result-oriented demand. In addition, shopping malls and businesses need to consider meeting the needs and concerns of parents. Parents feel good before they bring their children to experience. This is a very realistic problem, and it is more special than other formats. While satisfying the needs of children, the operators of children's parks should consider satisfying some of the needs of parents, so that parents can "slap" their baby from a task into an enjoyment.

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